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Wednesday October 22, 2008 6:56 pm

Marvels Next Avengers A Winner

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Next Avengers

I first heard about Marvel Comics’ direct to DVD feature “Next Avengers” in Wizard magazine.  I thought it was going to be a cartoon starring kids as the Avengers instead of the adults as Captain America, Thor, etc.  I also saw some images of what they looked like and I said a big “no” to myself.  Why would I want to see kiddy versions of my favorite heroes when I would much rather see adult Avengers in a serious big-time action animated feature?  However, a few days ago I found out that the plot of the film actually centered on the children of the Avengers who survive under the care of Iron Man after Ultron kills all of the original Avengers.  That sold me.

I work as Librarian and through inter-library loan, I was able to obtain a copy of the film.  I sat down last night and watched it and I thought it was really good.  I have not seen any other direct to DVD features that Marvel has put out like “Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme,” so I can’t compare and say this is better or worse.  All I can say is I give this movie a big thumbs up. 

The film can be a bit juvenile at times.  The son of Giant Man and the Wasp is a good example as most of his comedy relief is similar to Disney Channel programs like “That’s So Raven” or “The Suite Life.”  I’m sure kids will like it, but more importantly, long-time adult comic fans will love it as well.

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