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Saturday October 20, 2012 3:36 pm

Lisa Loeb and Tess Fowler

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Independent,

Lisa LoebRemember Lisa Loeb, the singer with the glasses who had a big, big hit song with "Stay" that popped up in the movie Reality Bites?

She's carved out quite an interesting career for herself with more music, a couple of children's CD's, voiceover work, some TV work and even her own brand of glasses.

But now she has a new CD coming out and for giddy comic book fans, the cover art is by Tess Fowler.

Tess posted it on her Facebook page for all to see. The album is called No Fairy Tale and you can see why she (who's worked on the indy comics Charmed, Grimm Fairy Tale and Wonderland) is the perfect artist for it.

Read More | Tess Fowler

It's a CD cover for the release in Japan, but it'll be a bigger size on the LP that'll be released in the US.

Release date is January 2013, so keep an eye out.

Now, will somebody please put Tess on a regular book?

[Artwork: No Fairy Tale, by Tess Fowler]



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