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Tuesday November 18, 2008 10:49 pm

Last Son of Krypton

Posted by Joel Rosenberg Categories: Editorials, DC Comics,


Part of the Superman mythos is that he is the last survivor of the planet Krypton. This planet orbited a red sun and there weren’t too many of those. Earth’s yellow sun and lower gravity made Kal-el into what he is today. Very unique.  Of course, over the years, we have seen a heckuva lot of survivors of Krypton ranging from horses, dogs, cats, monkeys, and quite a few people. Anyone who was ever sentenced to the Phantom Zone seems to have at least one Get Out of Jail Free card. Remember, we are only talking comics here because we could do a whole other editorial on “Smallville”. Other dimensions add a few more. Escaped space pirates: one more. Seemed to me, the last son had a lot of company before the latest storyline takes shape.

Because Superman seems to have freed 100,000 Kryptonians from Kandor when he recently defeated Brainiac for the final, but not last time. I know Supes is a very lonely guy, but I really don’t think even he really thinks this is a good idea. At least I hope so.

Remember the Eradicator? He is from Krypton and wanted to remake earth into a new Krypton a long time ago. In fact, every time a Kryptonian shows up, he wants to remake earth, with its puny humans (sorry, Hulk) into a recreation of this poor dead planet. One already killed a whale and it is only a small step to wiping out all the humans and repopulating the planet with Kryptonians. I can only foresee three endings to this storyline but I’d love to hear some others.

Ending number one is Supes putting them all back in the bottle. Not easy, but I’m sure Brainiac will help. Ending number two is transporting them to some other dimension, unless Crisis finally resolves itself and there is only one. Ending number three is put them on some other planet where they will be powerless. I’m sure they’d be happy to welcome Kal for visits after he strands them there. Then he really will be the last son of Krypton - except for all the others running around.



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