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Friday November 9, 2012 12:01 am

Kyle Baker Casts Cowboy Wally

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Editorials, Movies, DC Comics,

Cowboy WallyOne of my favorite games to play is the Casting Game, guessing who could play what part in a movie version of a book or comic.

And I’m also a big fan of Kyle Baker’s work, and The Cowboy Wally Show and Why I Hate Saturn are two of my favorite graphic novels.

On Facebook, Kyle recently said “Out in LA meeting about live action adaptations of the GNs I own. I really want Tom Hanks to play Cowboy Wally. Other casting suggestions?”

And the feed went crazy. Mike Carlin (former DC Executive Editor) suggested Stephen Root for Cowboy Wally, or “if you need more star power” go for Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Another suggested Jeff Daniels or John Goodman.

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I posted “Kevin James. His name gets projects financed and he can open a movie. He might be wrong for the part though.”

Kyle then thought of Jack Black. Don Cheadle as Nat Turner. Gerard Butler as King David.

It’s always fun to play the casting game, but even more fun to think that a movie based on one or more of Kyle’s books could be forthcoming.

That’s a comic book movie I’d see in the theater on opening day!

[Artwork: The Cowboy Wally Show, © Kyle Baker]



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