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Saturday December 1, 2012 2:07 am

Give the Gift of Comics

Posted by Tom Mason Categories: Action Figures, Editorials, Reviews,

SkippyLooking for something to get your comic book fan for the Holidays? It's a tricky business. Comic book fans often have the stuff you'd want to give them or may not like the thing you want them to have. So it requires a very thoughtful approach. Here are some places to help you out.

Action Figure Times has listed their Top 10 Christmas gifts for action figure fans. #1? Captain Action, simply one of the greatest action figures of all time.

Forces of Geek has unleashed their Holiday Gift Guide.

And John Scalzi’s reader-driven gift guide is essential for finding stuff that’s off the beaten path.

The grand master of all holiday gift guides is, of course, Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter. His is full of win.

I have two personal recommendations.

First I suggest that you check out Yoe Books and see what Craig Yoe and his crew have put together. Their books are some of the best around - he looks at cartooning and comics in interesting ways and pulls together very unique books that could easily appeal to people who like comic art but aren’t necessarily Spider-Man fans. Also, there are a couple of excellent collections - like Barney Bear and Felix The Cat - that would be great for kids.

And then I’d run over to the Library Of American Comics and see what Dean Mullaney has done. His archival quality collections on stuff like Bloom County and Percy Crosby’s Skippy are unrivaled and the books on Alex Toth and Chuck Jones are just essential reading.

Now go spend some money on people you love.

[Artwork: Percy Crosby's Skippy]



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