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Sean Penn, Petra Nemcova

While it is refreshing to see the usually somber smile—am I the only one disturbed by the fact that he’s grinning while out with a new woman?

It was only announced back in December that the Mystic River star was divorcing Robin Wright Penn, his wife of over 10 years.  Based on last night’s appearances with Petra Nemcova - a Sports Illustrated model (of course) - he hasn’t had any problem moving on.

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Emma Watson, Daniel RadcliffeWho knew Hermione was the British version of ?

Although we are used to the ever-changing lives of our American celebrities, we haven’t really become accustomed to following the rituals of their U.K. counterparts.  Well, when the gossip concerns one of the famous stars, it’s really hard to look away.

Just last week, was criticized in the press for supposedly associating herself with 27-year-old rocker Johnny Borrell.  (Wondering who he is?  He’s the lead singer of a band called Razorlight.)  Although the 17-year-old actress denied dating the musician, many were hoping she would stay away from the “hell-raiser”.

One week later, Hermione Granger has now been linked to a new fella:  .  The 17-year-old actor (someone her age!) was reportedly spotted with his co-star on a Valentine’s date, of all things.  After leaving a London pub, they then supposedly left in the direction of Radcliffe’s home.

Ooh, I like British gossip!

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Ryan PhillippeActor would like to set the record straight.  He wants me

everyone to know that his “friendship” with Abbie Cornish had nothing to do with his break from .

Speculation about a relationship between Phillippe, 33,  and Cornish, 25, began when the two worked together on .  (That film is scheduled to be released March 28.)  In a interview with W, Ryan doesn’t deny ever becoming involved with the Australian actress, only that it wasn’t the reason for his public split.

“It was unfair for her to be called the names that she was, because it wasn’t about that. I don’t think an outside person can ever cause a divorce. I had difficulties in my relationship, and in my marriage, long before I ever met her.”

Well, duh.  If you become involved with another woman - it’s clearly because you were the problem to begin with.

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Lindsay Lohan drinkingDespite her stint in rehab late last year,


party girl hasn’t been shy about visiting old friends.  In less than a month, Linds has been seen partaking spirits in a public setting.  At a New Year’s celebration in Italy, the naive girl was foolish enough to wrap her lips on a champagne bottle within distance of a video camera.  After her ‘slip-up’ was splashed around the world, her lawyer came in quickly to clean up the mess:

“After being handed a champagne bottle while on a dance floor in Italy on New Year’s Eve and drinking from it, the good news is that Lindsay stopped herself, called her sponsor, and got herself back on track.”

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