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While the stars were getting elaborately styled for their turn on the red carpet, we were digging out comfortable pjs ... the better to judge them with.

Who glittered and looked glamorous on award night? Who tried to sizzle but fell flat? Let's break down the fashion at the 2011 Golden Globes, and pick our own winners and losers for the night.

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Kim Kardashian in cornrows

Although it would be hard for Kim Kardashian to distract men from the lower half of her body, she may have succeeded.

The reality star -- who recently tweeted that she "woke up with a whole new look" -- was snapped with her new cornrows in Los Angeles this week.

Not a fan of the new 'do? Don't worry. The hairstyle is apparently a result of the new music video the aspiring singer has been filming with Kanye West.

You can see a different picture of Kim rockin' her "Bo Derek braids" after the jump.

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Zac Efron

This holiday season is not faring well for Zac Efron fans. First he said goodbye to the girlfriend, then he bid farewell to his swoon-worthy hair.

The teen heartthrob cougar target was snapped up by a fan on the set of his new film The Lucky One sporting a buzzcut. While Efron has definitely strayed from his trademark long, tousled locks, he hasn't quite found anything that has suited him more.

Has he grown into the more adult hair style, or should he return to his roots?

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MTV’s 2010 were held at the famous Nokia Theater on Sunday night, and the cable channel rolled out miles of white carpet for the event.

The theme was old Hollywood glam, the stage set was done in pristine white and all the industry celebs came out to strut their stuff. Now, the important part: what did they wear while they were doing it?

Explore the best, the worst and the most confusing VMA fashions of the night after the jump…

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Jennifer Hudson on the cover of InStyle

“I’m actually thinking about shaving my head. I am! Because I feel I’ve got a good structure now. My cousin’s a beautician, and she always tells me, ‘You could wear any hairdo.’ So I’m thinking, What if I shave my hair? Not completely off, but low. I think that would be so hot.”

-Oscar winner telling InStyle that her hair might just disappear like her weight.

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Emma Watson short hair

officially said goodbye to her years as Hermione Granger when she decided to make a bold and “liberating” move: she cut her hair.

The 20-year-old, who kept her shearing plans to herself, revealed the new look to fans through Facebook and Twitter.

“Yes, I cut my hair off a few days ago! I love it- feels incredible. Hope you like it!,” the Harry Potter star tweeted about her Mia Farrow-esque style. “I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever,” she added on her wall.

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Matt LeBlanc with grey hair

Anyone who remembers Joey Tribbiani pretending to be uncircumcised on Friends might be shocked to learn this little fun fact: was covering up another part of his body at that same time.

According to the star of Showtime’s upcoming comedy Episodes, the grey hair we’ve seen him sporting recently is not exactly a new thing. In fact, he was hitting the bottle back during his NBC days.

“I dyed my hair the whole time I was on ,” the 43-year-old admitted during the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “I just was sick of doing it.”

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Christina Hendricks

“They did it to me! I was obsessed with the Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables. I decided I was Anne of Green Gables. There was something that spoke to me about her, and I wanted to have her beautiful red hair. So my mother said, ‘Let’s just go to the drugstore and get one of those cover-the-gray rinses!’ My hair was very blond at the time, but it went carrot red. And I was over the moon. I went to school the next day and felt like myself. And then I went back [to that color] over and over again. What a cool mom, right?”

-Mad Men‘s explaining how her parents helped her achieve her fiery look.

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Naomi Campbell hairline

Victoria Beckham might want to be careful about those new hair extensions she just got.

While shooting in New York yesterday, supermodel exposed a side of her not many people have seen before - the bare one hiding underneath all those long strands. It’s being speculated that the 40-year-old’s patchy scalp may be the a result of ‘‘traction alopecia’ - hair loss due to years of work on her follicles like braiding, extensions and ponytails. Oh, the price of beauty…

But, of course, we really shouldn’t worry too much about Naomi. If you have money like Beckham and Campbell do, you can pay for stylists and fake hair (like the ‘do seen after the jump) to cover up those kinds of problems.

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Victoria Beckham's extensions

Kristen Stewart isn’t the only one changing up her hair these days.

Although Halle Berry recently returned to her short signature style, has taken her strands back in the opposite direction. While traveling to Cannes over the weekend, the trendsetter debuted her latest look.

This is, of course, not the first time Beckham has sported lengthy locks - but she’s probably associated most with the oft-imitated bob.

What do you think of Posh’s new extensions? Do you like the change…or do you wish things would remain the same?

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