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Beyonce, Jay-ZCould this simply be an April Fool’s joke…or is that what they’d like you to believe?

According to People, and Jay-Z have finally taken the next step in their relationship:  They’ve secured a marriage license.  A source tells the magazine that the lovebirds - who have been together since 2002 - obtained the paperwork earlier today in Scarsdale, New York.

Assuming the rumors are true, that means we should probably expect to hear wedding bells for the musicians sometime very soon.  The license hits its expiration date in 60 days.

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Laila AliMirror ball, schmirror ball.  Two former participants of have had much better things to celebrate in the past few weeks.

In an upcoming issue of Essence magazine, reveals that she will soon have an entirely new role to master.  The professional boxer - and Season Four competitor - is now becoming a mom.

Laila, 30, married former NFL player Curtis Conway last July, just a few months after her dancing run ended.  Although this will be the couple’s first child together, Conway, 37, already has two sons and a daughter.

Pregnant or not, Ali is still expected to return as co-host of this summer.

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Fergie, Josh Duhamel

Pregnancy rumors for have been coming non-stop ever since she became engaged last year.  But recent pictures of her (like the one above) looking a bit puffier than normal really got the news hounds wondering.  Could that bump be a baby bump?

Well according to the singer herself, no.  In an interview with Extra, she explains why the media is so ready to believe the gossip is true:  “I’m 5’4”, when I gain a couple of extra pounds—it shows. People just like to speculate.”

The singer goes on to say that she would actually like to get married to actor before anything like that happens.  Marriage before pregnancy?  Wow - that’s one I haven’t heard in a while!

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Jamie Lynn Spears, Casey AldridgeWhile Britney Spears was busy prepping for her appearance on How I Met Your Mother, her little sister was making news of her own.

Jamie Lynn Spears - who recently passed her GED exam - is already planning for another significant event in her life.  The 16-year-old is now set to get married.  This announcement comes months after the Zoey 101 actress revealed that she was pregnant.

According to People, Jamie Lynn has been happily showing off a ring given to her by her baby’s daddy, Casey Aldridge.  While no date has been yet been given for the wedding, the couple’s first child is due sometime this summer.

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Julianne HoughAnyone who still believes that had some part in Helio Castroneves’ broken engagement may think differently after hearing this news:  she is still a virgin.

The Dancing with the Stars professional has been bogged down with rumors ever since she was paired up with her first athlete, Apolo Ohno.  Now the dancer, who is recording her first country album (don’t confuse her with , who is also doing the same), is opening up to CosmoGIRL!.

The blonde beauty says that she has made the (admirable) choice to wait until marriage; she believes that decision will only help to “strengthen that relationship.”  Wondering why Hough broke off her own engagement last year?  She felt she was simply too young.

You’re only 19 years old.  I think “young” would be an understatement.

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Ashlee Simpson, Pete WentzWhile is still trying to figure out her latest relationship with quarterback Tony Romo, sister Ashlee Simpson seems to be sailing along in her love life.

Or so her promise ring tells her.

The singer recently revealed that boyfriend Pete Wentz was the person behind her new piece of jewelry.  Does this mean an engagement will soon be coming? Who knows?  As Ashlee put it, “It just means that he hasn’t asked my dad yet.”  (I’d do my best to avoid Joe Simpson as well.)

Does anyone want to let Ashlee know that promise rings are usually given by men are who simply stalling for time?

Then again, maybe they’re both stalling for time.  It’d just be awful if she found happiness before her big sis did.

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Mary-Louise Parker, Jeffrey Dean MorganEvery once in a while, you come across a person you hardly now….and you find yourself rooting for them.  For me, is one of those people.

Why?  Two words: .

Although I loved him in Almost Famous, the actor’s Q-score went down (in my eyes) when he left a 7-months-pregnant Parker for actress .  Couldn’t he have waited until she at least had the baby? Dear God—they’d already been dating like seven years at that point…what’s a few more months?

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