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Lindsay Lohan on the Cover, Lindsay Lohan was the subject of a Marilyn Monroe-esque photo spread appearing in New York magazine. Lohan posed nude for Bert Stern, as did Monroe forty-six years ago.

Here’s the difference: was quite possibly the world’s biggest star at the time of her famed photo shoot. Posing nude was risqué, even potentially dangerous for her career. Monroe’s shoot appeared in Vogue, which in the 1960’s took a whole new approach to publishing by focusing on fashion and elements that spoke to the sexual revolution of the day. Blonde, gorgeous Marilyn Monroe was the perfect cover girl for sexual revolution.

Here’s : Gone from the movie industry for several months and with very few projects in the till, Lohan has to keep reminding everyone she’s a star. She’s got to get her career back on track - quick. Why not simply become a legend…or at least, look like one? By capitalizing on the stardom of Monroe, can Lohan find her own again?

I’m not splitting hairs, here. I mean, honestly I’m a Lindsay Lohan fan. But Lohan is not at all similar (in career, looks, love life or ability) to Monroe. What was incredible in the 60s is totally mundane today. Lohan does look great in the shoot…but can’t we get a little creativity from our so-called stars?

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Heidi MontagLast week, we gave you the chance to check out ‘s new music video for her new single, Higher.  (You can view it again here.)

After the clip splashed across the internet, negative reviews about the cheap production, weak song and talentless performer came fast and furious.  Unfortunately, it was more than star was prepared to take. 

In an interview with Us Magazine, Montag admitted to feeling crushed by the comments:

“I cried myself to sleep that first night after my video came out.  I just couldn’t understand why people I didn’t even know felt the need to be so cruel and hurtful toward me.”

Uhh, well you assaulted our eyes.  How about telling us why the piece of film looked like crap?

“We were at the beach and, literally, Spencer had his camera and a boom box in the trunk.  We did it in one take, maybe two, and it took us 20 minutes to film and cost us zero dollars.”

Boom box, nice.  Well that pathetic excuse only explains the visual quality, Heidi.  It doesn’t explain why you have absolutely no rhythm and lack the ability to lip synch.  Get back to us when you have an answer for that.

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James BluntI’m sure is a perfectly nice guy, but something about him just creeps me the heck out.

Today on the show, Blunt told an audience for the countless time how he sold his sister to a wealthy man on eBay. Now they are married. 

The story sort of has a legitimate beginning. Blunt, a self-proclaimed eBay addict, says his sister Emily had no way to get to a funeral in Ireland.

The “You’re Beautiful” singer came up with the bright idea of listing her on the popular auction website as a ‘damsel in distress’.  The highest bidder was a man with a helicopter and apparently no qualms about the white slavery aspects of the deal. They hit it off, moved in together and got married about 6 months ago.

Blunt says he hasn’t decided whether to offer up his remaining sister to the highest bidder. Ick.

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Heath LedgerThe death of Heath Ledger last week seemed to bring out the worst in our fellow “journalists”.

After watching the TV coverage of ‘s passing, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Don Henley’s song, “Dirty Laundry”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, “Dirty Laundry” is Henley’s commentary on the decline of journalism and how the people who cover the news are really just failed actors and news coverage is all about finding the “dirtiest” story about someone and running with it whether it’s true or not. (Henley wrote the song fifteen years ago.)  The lyrics that particularly came to mind in light of Ledger’s passing are:

“Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies
We got our dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie
Love to cut you down to size, we love dirty laundry”

The three “journalists” that appeared to be most guilty of this were:

. On her show, Grace called on a number of “professionals” (i.e mental health “experts”) who prattled on about Ledger’s “alleged” state of mind at the time of his death and what the meaning of all those pills scattered around his body “probably” meant. I didn’t really pay too close attention to what they were saying until the term “bipolar disorder” came up.  I then did what hopefully any sane, sensitive person would do. I changed the channel and put on . (If I want to watch schlock, I’ll buy it from QVC.)

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