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LostPHASE SHOCK:  What the $%^&?

PHASE DENIAL:  I don’t care that Shannon was seen with a gunshot wound to the chest.  I refuse to believe that she’s dead. Until I actually see her body buried in the ground, I will refuse to believe she’s dead.  I don’t care how many people told me that this day would come, I still refuse to believe them. 

PHASE BARGAINING: Didn’t the producers say that one person would be lost forever?  Well..where in the heck did that Cindy-chick go?  She’s your sacrificial lamb!!!

PHASE GUILT:  If only we could have stopped her from having sex with Sayid.  Maybe she’d still be alive.

PHASE ANGER:  What about the rest of the Shannon’s backstory?  What happened between the time she was financially cut off and the time that Boone came to rescue her in Australia?  The viewers deserve to know what happened.  And what about Sayid?  Hasn’t he suffered enough??

PHASE DEPRESSION:  Someone please wake me up when this whole nightmare is over…


3-D MediumIt’s November, and if you are a TV fan, it’s your favorite time of year. Sweeps galore! This is the time every show tries to outdo itself to grab you and keep your attention. They’ll shock you, they’ll repulse you, they’ll delight you. Births, deaths, fights, make-ups, marriages, break-ups, murders, weddings, cross-overs and more…nothing is too wild for sweeps.

One show gets my vote for the best sweeps stunt this year: NBC’s Medium. The Nov. 21st episode (Monday, 10pm) will be shown in 3-D. That’s right: 3-D! Perhaps you have to be a child of the eighties to appreciate this fully, but could there be anything cooler? TV Guide first leaked the news back in August, and it’s been a long wait. One pair of 3-D glasses will be included in every issue of the November 21st edition of TV Guide. Don’t get TV Guide? Don’t want to buy extra pairs for family members?

Never fear. The hard-working researchers here at TV Envy, always with the goal of making your viewing experience better, have tracked down a simple tutorial on how to make your own 3-D glasses. Get the full instructions here. Have a wonderful sweeps, and if you’d like to submit an image to our forum, we’d love to see you in your homemade pair of 3-D glasses!

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MediumTV audiences have gone crazy for monsters, beasties, and things that go bump in the night. Nearly a dozen of this season’s prime time shows follow a ‘supernatural’ theme, something that lets the viewer travel away from the ordinary world into the shadows of all that is freaky. With so many shows to choose from, which is the best? Which most deserves your time and loyalty? Luckily, there’s an easy answer. Not only is Medium the best of these supernatural shows; it’s the best show on television right now, in this reviewer’s humble opinion. Medium follows the adventures of Allison Dubois, based on a true person, wife and mother of three…who just happens to communicate with dead people in her spare time. Medium’s marketing played up the spooky side: every preview included as many dead people as live. Although these aspects are intriguing, Medium offers a wonderful surprise: the best parts are the normal stuff. It’s a truly rare quality in the genre.

Never on television have I seen a more realistic portrayal of family life. Allison and her husband, Joe, love each other, lose patience and worry, sometimes even yell at each other, but can always depend on their bond of mutual respect.  Their three daughters, especially the older two, love and hate each other equally in true sibling rivalry form. There are no cloying, cutesie-pie kid actors here; these children are completely real. It is these scenes of family life that hold the show together and attract such a strong fan base: ask any viewer what they love about Medium. I bet the response will have the word ‘family’ in it.

Nip/TuckFans have been concerned about one of their favorite shows: . Most of the unease seems to revolve around ‘The Carver’ storyline, which the show has heavily focused on since the second half of season 2.  The show gained such a huge following in the first season largely due to the way it focused on the pain and terror inside us all, the way we try to change the outside to quiet the monsters inside. Now, with The Carver as a central focus, those emotions have been taken outside of the characters and transformed into a ‘real life’ monster…which has proven to be less fascinating than the original insights. The possibilities were looking up, though, on last night’s episode. Christian dealing with family demons, Sean facing the loss of his family, and both doctors realizing something is missing without their long-time friendship, harkens back to the first season. Bring on the demons, Nip/Tuck. Just keep them inside.

Mandy MooreWhile we don’t have an exact date yet for its mid-season return, we finally have some new news about Scrubs:  actress/singer Mandy Moore will be appearing in two of the upcoming episodes.  Note, we didn’t say whether that was good news or bad news. I can’t say that we are thrilled about Zach Braff’s real-life love interest guest-starring, but we’re gonna step out of our comfort zone and give Mandy the benefit of the doubt.  She definitely proved that she could handle humor in the hilarious movie Saved! and her story arc on Entourage wasn’t bad either.  Oh - and wouldn’t it be juicy to see Mandy and Elliot rip each other’s hair out?

Page KennedySo just when you thought you figured out who the mystery man was in the Betty Applewhite’s basement, you are going to have to guess again.  Apparently actor Page Kennedy may have acted inappropriately on the show and in real life.  A Desperate Housewives spokesperson announced Tuesday that Page Kennedy was fired for “improper conduct.”  No other information has been released thus far elaborating on the details.  According to insiders, the incident did not involve any of the cast members.  Variety is reporting that newcomer Nashawn Kearse (Entourage, Marci X) has already been slated to take over the role of Caleb. Kennedy’s last appearance will air this Sunday.

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Grey's Anatomy Super Bowl The fans love the wild and wacky antics of the all-too-human characters on the mega hit Grey’s Anatomy, and they’re not the only ones: even the NFL has taken notice. On February 5th, Grey’s Anatomy will be shown in the coveted spot immediately following the conclusion of Super Bowl XL. Last year Alias took this honor, but has paled in the ratings next to Grey’s this season. It’s an exciting development for the little show that could, and means that viewers have more than funny commercials to look forward to this Super Bowl Sunday.

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Everyone loves crime dramas. Take a look at the recent Nielsen Ratings: 4 out of the top 5 shows are crime dramas. What if there were a channel where you could get crime any time, all the time? Well, there isn’t. There are two. NBC Universal will launch its Sleuth Channel on January 1st. It will contain television shows and movies: everything from The A-Team to Scarface. Mr. T and Al Pacino hanging out in the same place? Only on TV. In February, A&E Networks will be releasing its Crime & Investigation network. It’s a crime fan paradise. Stay tuned to TV Envy for further updates as the release dates approach.

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Cynthia NixonThis is an early announcement, but I’m excited , so I’m posting it now. My favorite actress, Cynthia Nixon, from my favorite (sadly gone) television show, Sex and the City, will guest star on another of my favorite shows, House, in December. Cynthia Nixon will play a patient who butts head with House and refuses to back down in the face of the acerbic House-style insults. If anyone can give it back to House, it’s the fiery Cynthia Nixon. I know I’ll be glued to the TV for this episode.

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Gilmore GirlsGilmore Girls has been taking a lot of flack recently, from fans and critics both. The show is criticized for losing its sparkle and sending the characters into storylines that are both dull and untrue to character. This doesn’t begin to compare to the recent drama. When information about an upcoming spoiler was released, fans reacted with venom. Responses ranged from “This show sucks now!” to “Gilmore Girls has jumped the shark!” to “If this is true I’m never watching the show again!” It has been confirmed by several reputable sources: the spoiler the fans have been dreading is indeed true. Spoiler information after the jump.

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