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VIDEO: Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio Takes on the Quickfire Challenge

Aside from America's Next Top Model's -- how many reality show judges have we actually seen practice what they preach?

Later this week, chef will be adding his name to that short list.

Although Bravo is not currently airing Top Chef Masters, we will see one in action this Wednesday on . Always wondered how Colicchio would fare in one of the program's "Quickfire" challenges? Check out the preview above.

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Bravo Announces Top Chef: New York Contestants

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Top Chef: New York cast

Although it seems like most reality shows kick off in New York, it’s surprisingly taken five seasons to get there.

For the show’s fifth installment, a change of location won’t be the only new thing viewers see. This fall, food critic and author Toby Young (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People) will be joining Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons on their culinary rounds.

Other additions to the series will be of the celebrity kind. (It is after all.) Celebrity guests this season will include Martha Stewart, the Foo Fighters, Rocco DiSpirito, and Natasha Richardson.

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Top Chef Chicago: Mark Out, Antonia Back in the Game

Top Chef, MarkTime now to check in on what’s cooking in the kitchen. The last two weeks have seen pretty boy/chef Ryan and the remaining half of the lesbian couple/competitors, Jen, go home. (Girlfriend Zoi went home in episode 5.)

This week New Zealand native and resident mop head Mark got the axe but not before questioning whether head judge Tom Colicchio, likes him personally. Sadly Mark, I think it might just be your food. This week’s challenge involved cooking for kids and he made vegetable curry, you do the math.

This week also saw single-mom Antonia get back in the game in a big way (last week she nearly went home thanks to a badly improvised dish involving polish sausage). That was then, this is now. Last night, Antonia won both the Quickfire and Elimination challenges.

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