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Mad Men Stars Finalize Two-Year Contracts

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Mad Men Season 5 Promo

Three Mad Men stars -- January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, and Vincent Kartheiser -- are in final talks to ink their two-year contracts, which secures their roles for the last two seasons of the award-winning series.

While Jones had fewer screen time in season five due to her pregnancy, Moss' character Peggy Olson was largely absent from the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices, leaving fans to question where her storyline will go next if Moss remains for another two seasons. Series creator Matthew Weiner shed some light on Peggy's arc (spoilers after the jump):

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Conan O’Brien Receives Over $30 Million to Leave

Conan O'Brien

Days of haggling have resulted - finally! - with an agreement between Conan O’Brien’s lawyers and NBC.

Although different numbers have been thrown out by the media, it looks like The Tonight Show‘s current host will leave the network with approximately $32 million. That figure does not include a reported $7.5 million severance package to be divided amongst his 200+ staffers and a $4.5 million payout to executive producer Jeff Ross. (It’s unclear how much Andy Richter or Max Weinberg will be compensated.)

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Who Owns Conan’s Characters?

Breaking up is hard to do.

According to TMZ, NBC and have much more than final payment matters to settle before they part ways. The almost-former Tonight Show host is known not just for his red hair and Irish origin but for a handful of characters he created while under NBC’s employ. So, does Conan own the skits…or does the network?

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Daytime Dish: Eric Braeden Discusses Young and the Restless Return

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While it was inevitable that Victor Newman’s character would return in some form, fans of should be happy to know that the actor hasn’t changed.

After nearly a month of negotiations with his bosses (and public discussions with the media), soap opera vet has agreed to return to the long-running CBS drama. The 68-year-old’s change of heart came just one week after telling Entertainment Weekly that he was done for good.

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Kara DioGuardi Returning to American Idol

Kara DioGuardi

This is probably the last thing wants to hear right now.

Although Abdul is still not officially on board for the ninth season of American Idol, her former roommate/possible replacement/female frenemy is. Both People and E! Online are now reporting that will remain at the judges’ table alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Salary on the Rise

American Idol

American Idol’s is currently negotiating his contract, which could come with a pay hike that promotes him to one of the highest-paid hosting gigs in TV. Simon Cowell was the first to ink a deal for the ninth season of the show, with remaining regular cast members still in talks with FOX, Fremantle and 19 Entertainment.

The three companies jointly produce Idol (this helps explain why Idol has three times more promotion and product placement per episode than some shows see in an entire season), and Seacrest is getting further into the fold all the time. Reportedly, the reality TV mogul is working on a new series with 19 Entertainment and American Idol creator Simon Fuller. This could be the which has been Twittered about recently…or, it could be any one of the other umpteen TV gigs Seacrest has in the works. 

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Tori Spelling to Fill Shannen Doherty Gap

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Tori SpellingAccording to reports, is finishing up talks to appear in a few episodes of 90210. Some say Spelling’s initial reluctance to rejoin the cast (Spelling reportedly backed out after agreeing to appear) stems from a dislike for Shannen Doherty.

But since the Brenda Walsh storyline is running dry and Shannen’s commitment to the show is coming to a close, Spelling may finally agree to assume the role of Donna Martin…again. Reps for the show have confirmed that Tori is finalizing her deal, meaning it’s only a matter of time before a Spelling is back on the set.

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Contract Delays May Mean Shorter Simpsons Season

The Simpsons

Fans can usually come to expect at least one of two things from any long-running program:

  1. A constantly-changing list of cast members. (You can refer to the franchise for examples.)
  2. Periodic contract negotiations.

So it should come as no surprise that America’s longest-running sitcom is once again dealing with matters of the financial kind.

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Could the Writers Strike Really Be Ending?

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Writers Strike photoThe has just dropped two of their demands: proposals to unionize and writers. This brings us all right back to the central issue: Internet and new-media revenue. By the Guild’s own admission, this concession (which comes only after the writers were repeatedly asked to make just this concession) is an olive branch - everyone wants the strike to end. Negotiations will continue this week as both sides try to reach some conclusion.

The writers have also made the decision not to picket the ceremony, which bodes well for the rest of the season. The striking writers, so far, have not agreed on an interim deal which will allow them to be a part of the spectacle. But there does seem to be some hope on the horizon…at last.

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Three Cheers for Hayden Panettiere

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Hayden PanettiereThough she’s known today for her role on ’s , Hayden Panettiere first captured attention as a cute cheerleader in the franchise.  (Stars and are also associated with the cheer-full movies.) Now, she’s potentially starring in the movie of …but she’ll still play a cheerleader.

This film already has a director for the project, but now it needs a star. If talks go well, will be in full cheer uniform and star in the title role, the High School girl every boy wants but one nerd manages to win. Fellow student and Beth-obsessed Dennis Cooverman makes her the subject of his graduation speech, and the two embark upon a tale of touching teen romance.

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