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Cindy McCain Will Not Be Dancing with the Stars

John and Cindy McCainUPDATE: John McCain has confirmed that his wife was in talks with ABC.

Although has made his share of television appearances, the former presidential candidate apparently likes to keep his family in the late night spotlight.

According to the New York Post, , was recently in talks with the producers of Dancing with the Stars. Discussions about the show’s eighth season began sometime before Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately for McCain supporters (and the chatty ladies of The View), Cindy will not be in the running for the mirror ball trophy. Even though she “wanted to do it very badly,” a inside source claims the Arizona senator was the one who put an end to his wife’s hopes. Reps for neither McCain or ABC would confirm the report.

will return Monday, March 9th @ 8:00.

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South Park Mocks Obama, McCain and the Voters

Apparently the news outlets weren’t the only ones hard at work on Election Day.

In less than 24 hours, co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to craft a fresh new episode of . While its possible some segments were prepared ahead of time, other details in the program - the acceptance/concession speeches, the candidates’ clothing, the street parties - were obviously produced after the fact.

You can watch three more clips from last night’s show after the jump.

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Video of John McCain’s Saturday Night Live Sketches

Last night, - with the help of his wife - hit Saturday Night Live and left no comedic stone unturned.

In the senator’s first sketch, he and gave their version of the Barack Obama infomercial. Acknowledging they did not have the Democratic dollars, McCain and “Palin” aired their spot on QVC. During their promo, they addressed the cost of Sarah’s expensive wardrobe and the caliber of their Hollywood supporters (Jon Voight, Heidi Montag). The Alaska governor also momentarily went rogue and talked about her 2012 run.

In the Republican nominee’s second sketch (which can be seen after the jump), he brought up the most overused word of 2008: Maverick.

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John McCain to Visit Saturday Night Live

With less than 96 hours to go until Election Day, John McCain is prepared to take advantage of any press option available. And while he may lack the millions of dollars needed to buy several 30-minute infomercials, there is something he can always do for free: a Saturday Night Live appearance.

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Barack Obama Makes His Statement

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In a highly presidential fashion, democratic White House contender bought up thirty minutes of network TV time (on several stations, no less) to directly address the American public he hopes to win over. It was all very State of the Union - and incredibly politically savvy. But did his message strike a chord with viewers?

Replete with clips of Obama’s more moving speeches and statements from fellow Democrats along with high-ranking CEOs and others, the half-hour infomercial put Barack right into the living rooms of U.S. voters. There was no stage, there were no other candidates jockeying for position or good sound bites; there was no or John McCain. It was, all in all, one of the best aspects of the entire campaign season thus far.

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Need Another Reason to Hate The Hills?

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

, an MTV pseudo-reality show which just might be a rare form of entertainment cancer, just got unbelievably sillier. Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the recent pics of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who recently took a stroll in the California sunshine wearing - get this - his and her pro-Republican T-shirts.

While Heidi clomped along in her high, thick-soled shoes, Spencer kept a shotgun slung against his shoulder. And for those of you who, like myself, have been wondering just who Joe Six Pack is - it’s . Note how he slugs back his beer - look in-between the couple to see the rest of those brews just waiting for their chance in front of the cameras.

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Saturday Night Live’s Final Presidential Debate

Now that the debates are over—will there be anything else to look forward to on ? No matter the answer, we’ll at least still have these internet clips to keep us warm.

In this video from Thursday’s special, Chris Parnell - who made a guest appearance last week as Tom Brokaw - steps in as moderator Bob Schieffer.

Wednesday Ratings: Third Debate Comes in Second

Despite better reviews for last night’s debate, Obama and McCain’s final meetup drew a smaller audience than Round 2. (The presidential event took in 56.5 million; last Tuesday’s gathering hit 63.2 million.) Unfortunately for CBS, yesterday’s political special meant a loss to NBC in both the viewers and the demos.

Presidential Debate8pm

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Sarah Palin Reportedly Set for Oct. 25 SNL Appearance

Sarah PalinUPDATE: The guest appearance has now been confirmed for Saturday, October 18.

It appears as if the rumors are about to become true.

According to the New York Post, Sarah Palin will be visiting 30 Rockefeller Center on October 25. This news backs up an initial report made by the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

Although it’s still unclear what Palin will do (will she be spoofing Tina Fey after all?) on , the Alaskan governor is currently in talks about several different sketches. Rehearsals for her NBC appearance are scheduled for next Friday.

Palin’s SNL debut will come approximately one week after John McCain makes his own late-night waves. This Thursday, the Arizona senator will offer his best apology to Dave Letterman on the Late Show.

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McCain Finally Planning His Letterman Appearance

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David Letterman and John McCain

It’s now time for John McCain to sit down and face the music.

Three weeks after famously snubbing David Letterman for an interview with Katie Couric, the Republican presidential candidate will finally attempt to make amends. Assuming he doesn’t need to tend to another “emergency” in Washington, McCain will be seated next to Dave later this week.

The Arizona senator was originally scheduled to appear on the late night program back on September 24, right before the first presidential debate. Unfortunately, McCain canceled his engagement because he was supposedly working on the economic crisis. When Letterman eventually found out the truth, he bitterly expressed his thoughts for days to come.

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