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VIDEO: Heidi Montag Talks About Her Plastic Surgery Decision

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“I think I just wanted to be…happier. And I couldn’t fix who I was, being upset with how I looked on the outside,” used these words while explaining her decision to have plastic surgery while dining in a fine restaurant with her family. Unfortunately, Heidi couldn’t really eat her food - her jaw was too sore after she chose to have ten procedures in one day.

In the video, Heidi’s self-esteem is called into question - though Montag didn’t cotton too well to the comments. Watch the scene (which is from MTV’s ) in the video above.

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Preview The Hills’ Final Season

“If I’ve learned one thing, it’s ‘Like everybody and trust no one’” - a sentence that could have been said by anyone on , or by someone simply watching it.

Although MTV’s reality series will (finally) come to an end this year, it will do so with a ton-o-drama. What’s in store for Season 6? “Heidi 3.0” finally meets


her parents; Audrina finds herself drawn to Ryan Cabrera’s excuse for a hairstyle; Kristin is accused of being a drug user; Brody finds a new woman he hasn’t already dated; Spencer gets emotional; and the “D” word is actually uttered.

The Hills kicks off its final round on April 27.

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Awkward TV: Heidi Montag’s Laughable Body Language

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Sadly, this is what our country had to offer the pageant tonight. (Yes - people outside the US can also watch the event.)

Tip: If you keep the volume down, the poorly danced number is just as humiliating/entertaining. (It also spares you from having to hear Yaz’s “Situation” butchered for ‘s lip-syncing purposes.)

After watching the performance, let us know what you think. Would you rather purchase this song, “Body Language,” or “Tardy For The Party” from Kim Zolciak?

(Make sure to check out our other Awkward TV moments.)

VFTW Gets Behind Speidi of The Hills

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi MontagYou may want to run for The Hills when you see Spencer and Heidi Pratt on , which launches tonight on NBC. The show, which aired in 2003 (and was subsequently canceled shortly thereafter) has been re-introduced to the schedule, evidently because there aren’t enough good ideas for reality TV anymore. Vote For the Worst is already backing the couple in their usual tongue-in-cheek way, and their reports from the jungles of Costa Rica are the most interesting aspect of the entire show.

The anti-American Idol site has some connection to the series, as Season 6 Idol contender is among the cast. But it’s not Malakar - or his hair - that’s drawn quick attention from the site, even before a single minute of the new season has been aired. According to VFTW, “if we like it, we’ll start voting for the worst as always.” And while nothing is official, they’re already leaning strongly toward MTV’s most famous celebrity pair.

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