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Dr. Drew Joining News and Views Network

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Dr. Drew Pinsky

Dr. Drew Pinsky is branching out to another cable show. The Celebrity Rehab star and Loveline host will soon have his own series on CNN’s HLN network, the "news and views" channel.

Beginning in the spring season of 2011, Dr. Drew will begin hosting a show where he talks about current headlines and events. The series will debut shortly after the fourth season of Drew’s Celebrity Rehab wraps on VH1.

HLN vice president Scot Safon says Pinsky is “an ideal fit” for the network. “Dr. Drew will shed light, provide crucial information and give viewers something to talk -- and think -- about,” he said.

Dr. Drew is excited about the project. "I'm looking forward to becoming part of the HLN family and digging deep to bring out the stories behind the stories that people are talking about,” he recently told CNN.

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Celebrity Rehab Season 4 Cast Announced Amid Reality TV Drama

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A mistress, a twin and an aging diva - and that’s just the beginning of , season 4. A whole new cast of has-beens, never-weres and true former icons will come together, under the guidance of Dr. Drew Pinsky, to learn how to kick their addictions. Now find out how Donald Trump, Tiger Woods and half a million dollars are involved with the show’s production.

Twin Jeremy London, who recently made headlines for his drug-related difficulties, has officially joined the cast. Former model Janice Dickinson, Jason Wahler (The Hills), Leif Garrett, Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s mother) and oil heir Jason Davis will be joining him - not to mention, Rachel Uchitel. Filming on the third season was pushed back, because producers couldn’t get enough star power on the series. With additions like Uchitel, London and Garrett, Celebrity Rehab is looking positively addictive again.

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TV Talk: Lawsuit for Hayden Christensen, Paycheck for Don Johnson

Hayden Christensen-Hayden Christensen and his brother are suing USA Network for allegedly stealing their idea behind Royal Pains. I’d like to sue him for everything he did in Star Wars.

-Who knew Nash Bridges was worth millions? Former star Don Johnson just won $23.2 million in back profits from Rysher Entertainment Inc.

-Speaking of profit, that’s what Jeremy London will do as a result of his strange kidnapping/drugging story. The Mallrats star will now get time with Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab.

-A recovering Barbara Walters will make a video appearance this Monday on The View. The co-host, who had heart surgery in May, won’t return to her chair until September.

-Want to relive Alex Wong’s amazing routines (sniff) from So You Think You Can Dance? Now you can watch episodes online!

VIDEO: Dr. Drew Talks Tiger Woods, American Idol

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Dr. Drew Pinsky talked frankly about on a recent episode of The Insider. According to the doctor, The Meadows (where Woods is staying) is a rehab facility that primarily works with drug addicts. “Sometimes just treating the drug addiction, the sex addition settles down,” he explained. You can hear and see his comments in the video clip above.

The conversation soon turned to other topics - namely, the reality show the entire country’s obsessed with (and, sadly, I’m not referring to ). “I wonder if it’s the fact that we’ve sort of exhausted this country’s available talent,” Drew said of American Idol‘s current season, which seems to be lacking in vocal ability this year. But Idol is having no trouble in the ratings department, so something’s working out.

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Dr. Drew: New Season of Rehab “Most Difficult”

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Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab

“This was a group that was very, very tough,” Dr. Drew Pinsky recently told Entertainment Tonight, speaking about the newest season of his reality series . He called the season “by far, the most difficult” he’s done to date.

Dennis Rodman, Mackenzie Phillips, Heidi Fleiss, Tom Sizemore, Mindy McCready, Lisa D’Amato, Mike Starr and Joey Kovar are part of the Rehab cast. The new season premieres January 7 on VH1.

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Sneak Peek: Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew

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Top Chef isn’t the only reality show spinning off into specific genres.

Starting next month, Dr. Drew Pinsky will be lending a sympathetic ear to a new round of celebs in his latest VH1 series. For two seasons, the board certified addiction specialist worked with drug and alcohol addicts on . He then followed their progress on a season of Sober House. Now he’s tackling “a different type of addiction…one that lies in a deeper shroud of shame.”

On Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, eight patients - ranging from athletes to porn stars -  will enter the Pasadena Recovery Center and, in some cases, “unearth the pain” of previous childhood traumas. In ‘s case, sexual addiction didn’t even rear its ugly head until the Celeb Rehab vet had moved past other urges.

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DJ AM Talked About Holding Crack Pipe to MTV

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Adam Goldstein’s sudden death on Friday came just weeks before a reality project he had been working on was set to premiere.

Goldstein (a.k.a. DJ AM) had been collaborating with MTV on an Intervention-esque series for the channel. In the eight episodes already shot, Adam, a former drug user, devoted his time to help others with addiction. Now it’s not known whether Gone Too Far will ever air.

Although official an autopsy on the 36-year-old has not yet been completed (toxicology and tissue results are still needed), sources are claiming that drugs were found in Goldstein’s apartment at the time of his death. Adam, who may have been distraught over a recent breakup, was reportedly in the possession of crack when his body was discovered.

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Tom Sizemore Joins Ex Heidi Fleiss on Celebrity Rehab 3

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Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore

And you thought the tension between Jeff Conaway and his girlfriend was awkward to watch…

For Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky and producers have upped the dramatic ante. Actor has just been included in the final lineup for the VH1 reality series. This means he will be seeking treatment at the same time as Heidi Fleiss.

Despite an impressive body of work, Sizemore’s personal life has been checkered with a host of legal issues. In addition to numerous troubles with drugs, the Saving Private Ryan star was also convicted in 2003 of assaulting and harassing his then-girlfriend. That woman was Fleiss, the former Hollywood madam. According to TMZ, Tom checked himself into The Pasadena Recovery Center last Friday, one day after being arrested for an outstanding warrant.

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Dr. Drew Extends Help to Sex Addicts

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Drew Pinsky

Soon more addicts will reap the benefits of Drew Pinsky’s non-judgmental approach.

In addition to bringing back Celebrity Rehab for a third season, VH1 has just greenlighted the production of another addiction-related show. Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew will now be the second spinoff of the original treatment program. (Sober House being the first.)

Sex, like its two other predecessors, will be centered around a group of celebrity patients. (No word if David Duchovny might be one of them.) Over the eight-episode series, the producers hope to clear up any questions about the oft-misunderstood compulsion. The addiction, which touches roughly 6% of all Americans, is not normally enjoyed by those afflicted by it. It can also lead to devastating results.

Sex Rehab is set to debut sometime this fall.

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Celebrity Rehab Presents: More Misbehaving Celebs

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That’s right: VH1’s Celebrity Rehab spin-off, , premiered last night. All the faces but one were very familiar to faithful Rehab viewers, and sadly little else has changed, either.

Most of the Sober House participants were released from Rehab just one week prior to their arrival in a clean living “facility” (which, oh yeah, is really a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills). But for some, perhaps one week was a little too long.

Amber Smith, Mary Carey, Shifty Binzer, Nikki McKibbin and Rodney King arrived at the house without incident. , ex-Guns n Roses drummer, did not. Adler showed up very obviously loaded (that’s slang for under the influence of substances) and packing drug paraphernalia. House manager Jennifer Gimenez, freaked out, called Dr. Drew Pinksy.

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