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VIDEO: Dr. Phil Loses the Mustache

After years of advising people how to make changes in their life, publicly made a change of his own. On Friday’s episode of Oprah, the TV host did something he hadn’t done in approximately four decades- kiss a woman without a mustache on.

“For the first time in over 40 years - and I have two kids and they’ve never seen me without a mustache - I am going to take off my mustache,” he announced to the audience at Radio City Music Hall.

Check out the before and after for yourself and let us know what you think. Does Dr. Phil look better clean shaven? Or should he grow back his trademark look?

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Letterman: Jay Leno “Got Everything He Deserved”

I have to say - that David Letterman is one confusing guy. One minute, he’s playing nice and inviting you to be in his Super Bowl commercial. The next minute he’s publicly calling you a “boob” behind your back.

On last night’s broadcast, Dr. Phil McGraw quickly regretted bringing up the drama behind the late night wars. “I loved it. It was great fun,” Letterman replied enthusiastically. “I loved Jay summing the whole thing up, ‘Yeah, yeah, well [O’Brien and I] both got screwed.’ I said, ‘Now wait a minute, Jay. You both got screwed and yet you’re the only one who ended up with a show. How did you get screwed exactly?’”

When McGraw tried to come to Jay’s defense, David disagreed. “Believe me, he got everything he deserved,” Letterman insisted. “It was good fun and I couldn’t get enough of it and I wish it was still going on.”

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TV Extensions, Renewals and Cancellations (11/9)

Dance Your Ass Off

Here’s an update on the shows you will and won’t be seeing in the months to come:


  • Numb3rs (CBS) - Show not yet officially canceled, but order reduced from 22 to 16.


  • Dance Your Ass Off (Oxygen) - Season 2
  • Dr. Phil (Syndicated) - Renewed through 2013-14
  • JONAS (Disney) - Season 2

(Make sure to check out TV Envy’s Programming Schedule.)

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Oprah News: Dr. Oz, 30 Rock

Dr. Mehmet OzBeing one of ‘s friends definitely has its benefits.

Since the talk show queen was instrumental in getting both Dr. Phil and their own shows, you knew it was just a matter of time before she moved on to her next pet project.  This time, she’ll be responsible for making us sick of Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Up until now, I’ve really liked the doctor. The 47-year-old frequent contributor is very much like that McGraw guy; he tells it like it is.  And guests aren’t afraid to ask him their most embarrassing questions because he’s pleasantly non-judgmental.  (Remember when he hosted that males-only show solo?)  But as likable as the medical expert is, could we tolerate seeing him on a regular basis?

Word has it the latest talk show competitor will hit the airwaves come Fall 2009.  Start prepping your medical questions now.

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Dr. Phil Cancels Britney-Themed Show

Dr. PhilFeigning concern for those involved, has canceled the show he was planning to dedicate to Britney Spears’ troubles.  Maybe it was because he actually started listening to his audience instead of preaching to them?

Here is a copy of the statement released through his own website:

“As was widely reported this weekend, at the request of concerned family members, I visited Britney Spears in the hospital. The details of that visit will, of course, remain private.

We had planned to tape a Dr. Phil Now show today, focusing not on the tabloid side of Britney’s latest problems, but instead on the very serious issues surrounding this case. Clearly, it is not just Britney’s family struggling to find a way to protect adult children who cannot be ordered or compelled to seek help.

Because the Spears situation is too intense at this time, and out of consideration to the family, I have made the decision not to move forward with the taping at this particular time.

Britney and her family are in our prayers, and we ask that they be in yours.”

Dr. Phil McGraw

You gotta wonder what momma mentor had to say about all this.  I’m pretty sure even she wouldn’t have stooped this low.

(You find updates to this story .)

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This Week on TV (1/7-1/13)

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart

(Reminder: You can view the whole Revamped TV Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (1/7)
  • The View (ABC, check local listings):  returns from maternity leave.  I’d gladly sacrifice her to the union gods for an end to the .
  • Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann (ABC, 8pm):  Here’s our chance to see if the judges can actually teach what they preach.
  • American Gladiators (NBC, 8pm):  “In the men’s competition, an engineer takes on a radiation-control technician.”  The year of the nerd has now officially spilled over into 2008.
  • Medium (NBC, 10pm):  Season four premiere.  “Allison has creepy visions of a boy being kidnapped from a toy store.”  I never did trust that Geoffrey Giraffe.
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Travel Channel, 10pm):  Anthony travels to Singapore for his latest season premiere.  I don’t like traveling with crusty people, but I love watching them venture on TV.
  • The Daily Show/The Colbert Report (Comedy Central, 11:30pm):  Tonight Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will crank out their versions of a writer-less show.  God love ‘em for trying.

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Britney Spears Out…and Talking to Dr. Phil?

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Dr. Phil, Britney Spears

UPDATE:  Dr. Phil has now decided against doing a show based on Britney.  You can read his statement here.

Despite being placed on what was believed to be a 72-hour hold, was quietly discharged from Cedars-Sinai this morning.  Although it is widely believed the troubled star should be forced to seek some type of help, the hospital had no choice but to release her.  They couldn’t keep Spears against her will unless they thought she might physically harm herself.  (She was not technically considered ‘suicidal’ when she was admitted to begin with.)

But fans concerned for her well-being shouldn’t worry— has taken it upon himself to make sure Britney knows people care.  The talk show host had a private conversation with the Spears this morning as she was being discharged from the hospital.  Here is the exclusive statement he made to :

“My meeting with Britney and some of her family members this morning in her room at Cedars leaves me convinced more than ever that she is in dire need of both medical and psychological intervention. She was released moments before my arrival and was packing when I entered the room. We visited for about an hour before I walked with her to her car. I am very concerned for her.”

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