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Hawaii 5-0’s Alex O’Loughlin Checks Into Rehab

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Alex O'LoughlinMcGarrett is MIA!

Hawaii 5-0 star Alex O'Loughlin has taken time off from the CBS show in order to seek "supervised treatment for prescription pain medication due to a recent shoulder injury," his rep said.

Considering all the stunts Alex seems to do for the show, it's not surprising that he suffered such an injury. Here's to hoping he recovers soon!

So what does O'Loughlin's current treatment mean for the rest of the cast and crew?

While there isn't any word on how many episodes Alex will miss (if at all) in his absence, CBS says that the show is actually ahead of schedule and that it will complete a full second season, as ordered from the network.

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Survivor Finale: Redemption At Last

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Survivor: Redemption Island, Boston RobTurn back now if you don’t want to know what happened during the epic three-hour Survivor: Redemption Island finale event, which aired on Sunday night.

The maestro managed to secure his victory at last. Joined by Natalie Tenerelli, 19, and Phillip Sheppard, 52, “Boston Rob” Mariano, 35, faced one of the show’s most unsympathetic juries in history… and still managed to procure all but one of the votes.

Only Ralph, the red-haired farmer, cast a vote Phillip’s way, no surprise after the touching heart-to-heart the two shared at the last tribal council. Rob, who orchestrated the entire game from day one, offered up a sweet speech to the jury before they unleashed a bitter tirade against the last three standing. Natalie was best known for being Mariano’s faithful lapdog, Phillip made himself one of the most unpopular castaways in show history… and in the end, it was David who most eloquently pleaded Rob’s case to the others.

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Ashton Kutcher Taking Charlie Sheen’s Place on ‘Men’

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Ashton Kutcher

Reports are circulating that CBS has finally found an actor to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men: Ashton Kutcher.

Though, admittedly, we haven’t completely confirmed that we’re not being Punk’d.

Not that Kutcher hasn’t got sitcom chops. He first came to attention on That '70s Show, opposite the likes of Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, and others whose careers didn’t fare so well. Kutcher’s character will be brand-new and he’ll be introduced in the show’s next season.

Unless a torpedo of truth puts a halt on the production…again.

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Is CBS Trying to Get Charlie Sheen Back?

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Charlie Sheen WinningWe never thought we’d say this, but maybe Charlie Sheen really is winning. According to reporter Jeff Rossen, CBS has asked him to come back to Two and a Half Men.

Feel free to do a spit take now. Rossen says “discussions ongoing” and it’s “not a done deal.” And, he’s not the only one who’s reporting on the negotiations. Hollywoodlife found a “show insider” who says the rumors are true.

They might be, at that. CBS is in the business of making money, and Sheen is making it hand over fist with his sold-out comedy tour/stage thing. Recent rumors that Sheen has been talking to FOX about doing a show may have prompted the network to act.

Still, things could get a little sticky legally if CBS does want to make a deal. Charlie Sheen still has an active lawsuit, asking for a whopping $100 million, against Two and a Half Men studio Warner Bros.

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VIDEO: SNL Honors March Madness

SNL opened with one of their funniest sketches of the year on Saturday. In a single skit, the show managed to pay homage to March Madness, Charlie Sheen and world current events. Our favorite part is Bill Hader -- watch the video above to see what we mean.

In related news, fans will have the opportunity to watch the real March Madness in a whole new way for this years NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which begins on Tuesday. CBS has purchased the broadcasting rights once again, but this year the network will actually show every single game. This year, games will be presented on CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV.

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Rob Lowe to Stay with ‘Parks,’ Won’t Join CBS for ‘Men’

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Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation

Keep him on NBC, whatever it takes! The executive producer of Amy Poehler-powered Parks and Recreation has stepped forward to refute Internet rumor that Rob Lowe will take over for the recently-fired Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.

And thank goodness. Lowe’s hilarious Parks character has made the show better than ever in season 3. Producer Michael Schur says there is “no truth” to the rumors whatsoever that Lowe will move from NBC over to CBS.

We hear they’re getting sued, anyway, so maybe it’s best to stay off the Warner Bros. lot for now.

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Survivor: Russell Outwitted on Redemption Island

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Russell Hanz has left Survivor: Redemption Island… and the reality show’s most villainous contestant was reduced to tears when he was finally forced to face the pain of elimination. But don’t worry -- Russell wasn’t about to go out like that.

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Survivor: Russell Eliminated, Redemption to Follow?

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Reality vet Russell Hanz has just tasted the sting of elimination for the first time... and, it’s kinda sweet. The three-time Survivor cast member alienated most of his tribe (Zapetera) early in the Survivor: Redemption Island competition, and for once he didn’t manage to escape a heated tribal council on Wednesday night.

After winning two challenges in a row, the six-strong alliance (which includes current immunity idol holder Ralph) in the Zapetera tribe decided to throw the joint reward/immunity challenge. Led by Rob Mariano, the competing Ometepe tribe marched quickly to victory.

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Charlie Sheen Rant Cancels Two and Half Men Production

Charlie Sheen isn’t finished with the Two and Half Men producers -- not by a long shot. The troubled actor engaged in a well-publicized rant against the minds behind his CBS show in which he called Chuck Lorre a “stupid, stupid little man,” along with a few other things.

CBS immediately canceled production of the show for the reminder of the season, and potentially all eternity. Sheen, who is currently in the Bahamas, turned to TMZ again to respond to the news. In an open letter, he said Lorre “tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me.”

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Survivor’s Redemption Island: Rob vs. Russell, Ver. 2

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The 22nd season of Survivor will reunite two of the show’s most infamous villains -- “Boston Rob” Mariano and Russell Hantz. The two will be pitted against each other on opposing teams populated with 16 Survivor newbies.

Survivor: Redemption Island is set in Nicaragua and brings a brand-new twist to the well-known reality game: eliminated players get a second chance. Players who are voted off will not leave in this version of the game. Instead, they'll be exiled to Redemption Island. On the island, they'll have to survive until another contestant has been voted off to join them. The two will engage in a duel for supremacy, with the winner returning to the game.

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