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Sunday November 20, 2005 4:42 pm

Rod Serling to Introduce Medium

Rod Serling MediumWe told you about the November 21st episode of Medium, which will be shown in 3-D. We even helped you make your own 3-D glasses. Now, more cool news: As if the next episode of Medium, “Still Life,” weren’t already intriguing enough, it was just announced that it will be introduced by Rod Sterling! Sterling is of course best known as the ironic narrator of the wildly popular “The Twilight Zone.” Sterling passed away in 1975, but no worries…this show, after all, knows all about raising the dead.

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Gallery: Rod Serling to Introduce Medium

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This was awful BTW.  His lips were so off.  The episode was cheesey too and I usually enjoy Medium :(


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