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Monday September 17, 2007 5:38 pm

Lost’s Dominic Monaghan back on the Big Screen

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Dominic Monaghan I Sell the Dead

For those of us still reeling from the (ambiguous?) departure of Charlie from ABC’s , there’s news of hitting the big screen again in the near future. Dom will be starring in I Sell the Dead, a new horror/comedy from director Glen McQuaid about lowlife Victorian Graverobbers who hock stolen bodies to “men of science.” Principle photography has recently wrapped, so hopefully something more exciting than the admittedly cheesy trailer will be hitting the net soon. Expect great things from Dom in his first leading role.  Check out the website for updates and photos. The tagline may amuse Lost fans in reference to the late Charlie’s new role - it reads, “Never Trust a Corpse.”


Read More | I Sell The Dead Official Homepage

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I’m right there with you, Beth - if you ask me, his death was very open-ended.  It wouldn’t be the first (dozenth?) time Lost fans have been faked out.

Or maybe, I’m just in denial.  Charlie is my favorite too.


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