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Monday May 23, 2011 5:42 pm

VIDEOS: SNL’s Finale Peppered with Special Guests, Classic Skits

Jimmy Fallon’s surprise SNL appearance reprised one of the show’s iconic bits: The Barry Gibb talk show. Justin Timberlake co-stars as brother Robin Gibb, as always. Together, the two brothers don’t take any crap. Watch the video above from a distance of at least 5 feet. Otherwise, the chest hair might get you. Follow the jump to other shining moments from Saturday night…

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Bill Hader, Justin Timberlake and Taran Killam become the Merryville Brothers in one of SNL’s best gags. Watch what happens to poor Jason Sudekis at the end.

Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake are the celebrity contestants in this version of “What’s That Name?” With Bill Hader starring as the game show host and that wonderfully exasperated expression on Timberlake’s face, this was one of the best skits of the night. …But not the best.

No, title for best skit of the night goes to the gem featured in the video above. With Kristen Wiig singing and playing a harp, this one was bound for success. Add Justin Timberlake crooning his SNL catchphrase, Lady Gaga in some seriously high heels, and we have a winner.  And seriously, Google it.

Other highlights of the episode included the surprise appearance of Bradley Cooper on “Cage’s Corner” (Nicolas Cage as portrayed by Andy Samberg, of course) and the “Secret Word” skit featuring Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader.



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