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Monday June 15, 2009 4:05 pm

Small Budget Won’t Get in Whedon’s Way

Joss is back with a vengeance, apparently Folks over at Dollhouse are already two weeks into plotting its next season, and creator Joss Whedon could care less about the major budget cut this time around.

“I just wanted to die of tiredness. About two hours after starting to talk to the writers about story, I was back with such a vengeance, and so energized and so pumped because we really understand the show now. We understand what works, and what didn’t work so well or what we weren’t so thrilled about. We don’t have the onus of trying to be a big hit sitting on our shoulders. We can just be ourselves. And so the stories we’re breaking are pure, and exciting, and everybody’s on-board in the room, and it’s never flowed better.”

Yoohoo—do you hear that, Fox?

“Really, just every meeting is like, ‘What’s the most fun we can have with this actor?’ about the whole cast. All I can say—‘cause I’m gonna be Mr. Un-Spoiler—is that we’re having a crazy amount of fun, and usually, that tends to translate onto the screen,” he tells EW.

Despite his not wanting to divulge spoilers, he did confirm that Alan Tudyk (who has picked up a role in ABC’s V) will be around as Alpha and Amy Acker (also snagged by ABC for their show Happy Town) as Whiskey/Dr. Saunders. Hmm… ABC has acquired two actors from a Fox show that was on the verge of cancellation… I don’t know about you, but it sounds as if ABC has jumped at the opportunity that took Fox too long to realize.

Whedon also laid down rumors about Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly) making a huge appearance in season two: “We’re still breaking the episodes, but we didn’t honestly go into the season going, ‘Now how can we figure out how to service Summer?’ when we already have a huge ensemble. I adore Summer and she’s phenomenal, but I have to service the cast I have first. If something comes up that’s good enough, my God, I’d hound her. But the rumors of her becoming a big part of the show are greatly exaggerated.”



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