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Tuesday January 15, 2008 3:46 pm

More Waterworks from Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Tyra BanksIn the past weeks, campaigners on both sides of the aisle have changed their strategy and speechery to secure a bid in the upcoming Presidential election. Though many started out on this quest (twenty-plus politicians and actors threw their hats into the primary ring), only a handful now remain. In a continuing effort to keep themselves “viable,” they’re changing their stances and showing new facets of their personalities. (Hey, whatever it takes to get votes, right?) But perhaps none have attacked the idea of showing the public a new face more than . And she’s playing this one to the hilt, as her upcoming appearance on the will prove.

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What’s different about Hillary? She’s a woman. This is a fact that has been pointed out at every single turn and this is one weapon she has only just started to use. After a dismal loss in the Iowa Caucus, Hillary turned on her charm (and her tears) in a perfectly run-of-the-mill interview to once again and show that she, too, can be vulnerable and emotional. Where better to be both than on a , right? Doesn’t everyone want to see the leader of the Free World break down in tears when talking to a model-turned-TV-host? And what did the Presidential hopeful discuss with Tyra? Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, of course, because why not go ahead and beat that dead horse once again? Reaching for a box of tissues as tears threatened, Clinton was candid about her feelings in the whole affair.

But, hang on. Hillary’s a politician in her own right now, isn’t she? And she’s running to become our leader, isn’t she? Won’t these two ladies also address the issues which mean so much to our nation during this appearance (which is scheduled to air Friday, Jan. 18 if anyone’s interested)? Well, Banks did ask Clinton which she’d like to go on. Clinton’s reply? , of course. But then, Clinton said perhaps she’d do better on , if she had a really good partner. She also said that when she becomes President, she might have a nation-wide reality-show style contest to decide what we’ll all call Bill.

This is one of the leading politicians in our nation, America.


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