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Thursday January 22, 2009 4:40 pm

Meet the Cast of Survivor: Tocantins

Survivor: Tocantins

Although it may take us a while to get to forget ‘s Sugar, it’s already time for us to welcome a new cast of characters.

In just three weeks, 16 castaways - ranging from a former SWV singer to an army sergeant - will tackle the reality show’s latest installment. Even though we’ve already reached the 18th season, there are certain personalities that will always remain: the girl who claims she’s “not what you think,” the “snappy” one with “no patience,” the one who claims he knows “how to get inside people’s heads,” the intellect “who went to Yale” but will conceal that fact, and the “old woman.”

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As expected, the producers promise Survivor: Tocantins will “be one of the harshest and most heartpounding yet.” During their 39 days in the Brazilian highlands, the tribe members will be forced to endure “blistering temperatures, violent downpours, dangerous wildlife and most treacherous of all—each other.”

The season will also start off with a new twist. Before any dialogue is exchanged, one person from each tribe will be chosen to stay behind solely. But will those castoffs be given “a second chance to make a first impression”?

Here are the 16 people who will be trying to outwit, outplay and outlast for the $1 million prize.  (You can catch a sneak preview of the show with the survivors below.)

Jalapao Tribe
  • Sandy Burgin, 53, bus driver
  • Joe Dowdle, 26, real estate sales
  • Spencer Duhm, 19, student
  • Carolina Eastwood, 26, bartender
  • Stephen Fishbach, 29, corporate consultant
  • Taj Johnson-George, 37, former pop star
  • James “JT” Thomas Jr., 24, cattle rancher
  • Sydney Wheeler, 24, model


Timbira Tribe
  • Tyson Apostol, 29, professional cyclist
  • Debra “Debbie” Beebe, 46, school principal
  • Erinn Lobdell, 26, hairstylist
  • Sierra Reed, 23, model
  • Jerry Sims, 49, U.S. Army sergeant
  • Candace Smith, 31, attorney
  • Brendan Synnott, 30, entrepreneur
  • Benjamin “Coach” Wade, 37, soccer coach

Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands premieres Feb. 12 on CBS.



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