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Tuesday December 14, 2010 11:18 am

Jeopardy! Champions to Challenge IBM Computer Program

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We would call this contest man versus machine, but Ken Jennings is more superhero than man.

The famed Jeopardy! winner, along with fellow champ Brad Rutter, will test his wits against IBM’s Watson program. Designed by the company’s artificial intelligence team, Watson will take on the two challengers over a three-day contest being held on February 14 though 16.

IBM hosted a similar competition in 1997, when it created a chess-playing computer to compete against champion Garry Kasparov. The computer (Deep Blue) won the six-game match by two games.

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The winner of the artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence competition will take away a $1 million prize. IBM’s winnings, and half of those earned by Jennings and Rutter, will be given to charitable organizations.

Jennings is best-known for his record-breaking Jeopardy! streak, still untouched by successive champions, in which he won 74 straight games. Rutter won more money on the show than any other contender, taking away $3.3 million.



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