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Tuesday November 17, 2009 3:11 pm

How 90210 Deals with Death - And More Spoilers

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The decision to eliminate Jackie, Kelly Taylor and Erin Silver’s mother, is one that resounds strongly with many fans of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. In recent episodes, Jackie revealed she’s suffering from inoperable cancer. The character seems to be on a collision course with death, not the first to be featured on the current season of the show.

And that’s not even the only thing happening in the Hills. Naomi is being played by her own sister, conned and re-conned out of money, boyfriend, even self-respect. Adrianna has climbed back on the wagon, again abusing drugs. And Annie has committed vehicular homicide (unbeknownst to anyone but her) and hooked up with Ade’s drug dealer - who seems to be a few cards short of a full deck, if you take my meaning.

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But it’s Silver who’s dealing with the most difficult story at present. While attempting to attend high school and keep her own in check, she’s shouldering the responsibility of almost full-time care for the very sick Jackie, her mother (Ann Gillespie). “This wasn’t something she was ready for, but she’s going to do the best she can with it,” Jessica Stroup, who plays Silver, said of the storyline.

Last week’s episode ended with Silver poised over Jackie’s apparently deceased body, but the actress says it isn’t time for hankies just yet. “She has not passed away,” Stroup revealed. The 90210 star did a great deal of research to prepare for this part of the ongoing story. “I’ve talked to girls who have had their mothers diagnosed with breast cancer. As scary as it is, it entirely flip-flops the dynamic of the relationship.”

Kelly Taylor () again returns to the series in this week’s episode, which will help set up the dynamic between the three women. And that’s not all Silver will go through on the rest of the season. Hot new guy Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) is shaping up to be a potential love interest - but Stroup hints that Dixon (Tristan Wilds) may not be out of the picture just yet. “It’s going to be a roller coaster ride with the boys and Silver this year,” she says.



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