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Friday March 20, 2009 2:06 am

FOX to Bring Bones and Family Guy Together

David BoreanazStewie Griffin

In what could be one of the strangest cross-promotions FOX has ever tried (ponder the weight of that statement a moment), the night time drama Bones will soon feature an animated character from the ribald comedy . That’s right, FOX fans: David Boreanaz and Stewie Griffin will soon share screen time.

Evidently, Boreanaz’s character will suffer hallucination-generating health problems during episodes of which will air in May. He’ll end up in Quahog, Rhode Island, home to the animated Griffin family. “This is going to sound odd,” began executive producer Stephen Nathan, “but it is a completely believable event.”

He’s right…that does sound odd. And extremely, wholly unlikely.

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“There’s medical research to back up what’s going on with Booth [Boreanaz’s character]. There are conditions where you can see cartoon characters,” Nathan explained. “It was always conceived to be a realistic hallucination.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Family Guy is very popular. Seth MacFarlane, created of the animated series, will “sign off on all of Stewie’s dialogue. Whatever Seth wants to do is fine.”


Forum Discussion

I actually did like the Simpsons more than the Family Guy.But looks like i do have a different opinion from all of you.

family guy it's a great show. way better than simpsons.

Family Guy, even tho they show flashbacks that never have been showned or happened, it's still a really funny show.

well if i have to choose i would say family guy

I love The Simpsons and I love watching the reruns that are always on TV. I love the many characters of the Simpsons and my favorite character would have to be the "Cat Lady." She is absolutely hilarious and I love how she keeps reappearing in some of the future episodes after her introduction in the kids TV episode. The Simpsons will always be part of my life and I know so many hilarious quotes from the Simpsons. It is a great show to laugh at and I loved the Simpsons Movie too.

I think Simpsons is better than family guy, i love acting of Daniel Louis. he played the role of Homer Simpson.

i think simpsons is way better than family guy but i have to admit simpson is going down slowly and family guy is picking up rapidly

i also like to watch The Simpson episodes

I actually did like the Simpsons more than the Family Guy.

Both are fantastic animated comedy series. But Simpsons is much better than Family Guy. Actually Adult comedy swim stuffs in simpsons more enjoyable than family guy. I just laugh louder with Simpsons episodes and became almost mad on watch .

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