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Thursday June 25, 2009 2:32 pm

Finale: I’m A Celebrity Gets Out of Here

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As the final three celebrities waited to hear the results, the finale of proceeded…with a ton of clips.

Out of thirteen who came to Costa Rica, only John Salley, Lou Diamond Phillips and remain. This outcome was determined at Tuesday’s elimination, which saw the end of Sanjaya Malakar and Patti Blagojevich in the competition. At intervals during the finale, live cameras showed this group of three sitting around the fire, silently waiting for whatever would come next.

For this season ender, the competitors of the season - minus Frangela - returned or remained in Costa Rica to gather for the cameras. “I been callin’ every day, trying to get back in,” told the hosts.

“I think that Spencer was new in the jungle. He’s new in his faith. And I think a wonderful, bright future is ahead for both of these kids,” smiled benignly after clips of Pratt played.

Later in the episode, Torrie, John and Lou were led to their final food trial (footage which was actually filmed the day before). Each would have to visit two “spa” stations, each of which held two stars. Whoever collected the most stars would get to eat.

Torrie was the first to go the scare wash. With her head over a sink, Wilson had to search for stars behind her as cockroaches and other insects rained down around her head and face. She managed to come up with two stars to complete her first part in the event.

enjoyed a “frightening facial,” with cheese fruit, or vomit fruit. Using only his mouth, he had to seek out buried stars in the disgusting mess. John valiantly shoved his head under and came up with both quickly. “Nasty,” he said when he raised up.

Lou Diamond Phillips enjoyed a “manicure” with frogs, digging his hand around a box to pull out stars. A second box held spiders, and Phillips got both prizes with ease. Torrie moved next to a tub full of baby crocs, where she would have to immerse herself to collect the tokens. The wrestler pulled out both stars, then picked up a croc to give him a kiss.

John Salley was moved into a steamy sauna room, filled with snakes. To defeat the challenge, Salley had to maneuver stars along pipes while inside the chamber. He, too, managed to get both. Lou was to enjoy a jungle spray tan in another small chamber, standing under a light and immersing himself with sprayed goo as he searched for stars.

At the end of the challenge, everyone won four stars and every challenge. As such, all would get to enjoy the food.

“How are you feeling?” Myleene Klass caught up with the final three for their final thirty minutes in camp.

“Like a champion,” John puffed out his chest.

“Like a victor,” Lou countered.

Clips with messages from each contestant to one another then followed. “What a bonding experience,” host Damien Fahey remarked.

The campers then all gathered up with the hosts and the final three. lamented the fact that he was unable to catch a fish during his stay. More clips played at this point, showing some of the men against women challenges. The men beat the ladies ten to three, with Sanjaya winning nine of the twelve challenges in which he competed.

For their final jungle meal, the campers were given a small table and chairs. John Salley led the small group in prayer before they dug into individual meals. Lou enjoyed fried chicken, Torrie got a veggie pizza and John ate a tofu burger. “Okay so how important is winning to you, Lou?”

Phillips answered that he hoped to bring the crown home for his kids. Torrie said she wanted to show women that “you can be strong, brave…but still feminine.” John Salley, with a wide grin, told them they’re great competitors, but “I fattened y’all up for the kill.”

Finally, it was time for some results. One had to be eliminated - and it became John Salley. The NBA star shared hugs for all and smiled as he watched his good-bye clip play. Now, only Lou and Torrie remain to become the winners of Costa Rica’s I’m A Celebrity.

The two stood side by side as they waited to hear the results, which was “incredibly close,” according to the hosts. As tense moments ticked by, was announced the winner of the season. He enjoyed cheers and a high-rising hug from John Salley before he was swept into his throne.

A leafy crown was placed atop his head, but soon he was back on his feet to receive hugs and congratulations from his fellow campers. He was my favorite all along, and apparently everyone else’s too. But who can blame us? With any luck, this won’t be the last we see of Lou Diamond Phillips.

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