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Wednesday June 3, 2009 4:49 pm

I’m a Celebrity: Speidi Gets Out of There

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

The second night of marked the first voting round of the competition. This was the public’s first change to choose who would stay and who would go. The results of this vote will be revealed later in the week.

The show opened with the rest of the trauma tank challenge. Patti Blagojevich was the first celeb, in this episode, to ask for release from the spider, insect and snake-filled tank of torment. Water then started to seep in around everyone’s heads. Snakes began to wrap themselves around former wrestling diva Torrie Wilson’s face and Lou Diamond Phillips was soon taking in too much water - he was forced to pull up and out of the challenge. Torrie Wilson also had to rise because of the water. This left Stephen Baldwin and , who became the winner of the challenge. This means the blue team - the men - won immunity, and would therefore be safe no matter the results of the public vote. And just like that, the first real challenge was over and done - with Malakar, the youngest of the bunch, emerging as the victor.

then offered to baptize Spencer Pratt, who agreed. Later, Pratt nominated himself for the next challenge, in which he would compete against his wife Heidi. They would be trying to win food for themselves and for their team. Neither seemed too excited about the prize, however - two good-sized fish.

The pair would have to enter a chamber, filled with hidden stars (along with rats, snakes, spiders and bats). “No surrender, no retreat,” Spencer vowed. Before the challenge started, he knelt down to pray for success.

was then locked inside the dimly-lit room, but the lights were turned out moments later. He was soon screaming and standing in the chamber. When the lights flashed, he spent more of his time shouting and jumping than actually hunting stars. Pratt returned from the room with only two stars in hand. He called it “the worst experience of my life.”

Next, it was ’s turn to be locked into the room. She actually did much less screaming than her husband and used a mantra, “pretend I’m shopping” to face the room. Despite this effort, Heidi returned with only one star, which means Spencer won the challenge - and the fish - for his team.

When he returned to the camp, he said that “neither of us” won, but admitted he did get fish dinners for the men. Spencer then announced that he would be leaving - again. “I’m too rich, I’m too famous, and I’m out of here.” This oft-repeated line has already become Pratt’s catchphrase for the show. He maintains that he’s far too famous for the other cast members on the show - an idea which is laughable at best.

Before he left, however, he decided it was time for his baptism from Stephen Baldwin. “I didn’t sign up for Holy Rollers, Get Me Out of Here,” commented on the event to the camera.

Speidi reiterated their plans to leave the show after the baptismal. “You never know, they could be back tomorrow,” Sanjaya said in his later interview with the camera.

“I’m a super-celebrity, my wife is a super-celebrity. Super-celebrities don’t belong in the jungle, they belong in Hollywood with the paparazzi,” Pratt told the cameras. “We’re the most famous people in the world.” And so, having far too much star power for the jungle, they drove away in an SUV. The other celebs weren’t at all sorry to see them go. Frances and John made a bet on whether or not the couple would be back - Frances says yes, John says no.

The hosts then made their way into the celebrity camp to talk about the upcoming voting round. After deliberation, Janice, Angela, Frances and Torrie are now subject to elimination - to be determined by your public vote. Patti was chosen to be exempt from the vote, and by virtue of Sanjaya’s torture tank bravery none of the men will be sent home.

Don’t count Speidi out for the count just yet, however. Vote For the Worst has unearthed that the spoiled Pratts may, in fact, be returning. Perhaps the “we’re leaving” stunt was only a good way to keep Heidi exempt from the voting round?

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