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Thursday February 28, 2008 1:51 pm

American Idol Contestant Has DUI Record

Amanda Overmyer

If you picked Amanda Overmyer to be the first American Idoler with an exposed past - it’s time to cash up.

The National Enquirer has gone to the trouble of unearthing the singer’s checkered history with a lead foot.  The Mulberry, Indiana native had already racked up a string of speeding violations prior to a DUI arrest back in October 2006.  (She once hit 100 in a 45 mph zone.)  The alcohol-related incident earned her a .108 breathalyzer score and six-hour stay in an Indiana jail.  After pleading guilty, TMZ reports the singer received a suspended sentence has since completed her probation.

Making matters worse?  The Enquirer also claims there are nude photos of her out there currently being shopped around.  Awesome!  If you were to add those two items to the 23-year-old’s criminal rendition of “Carry On My Wayward Son” last night, you could say she’s already hit the trifecta.  (You can see that performance after the jump.)

The producers have yet to issue a comment.  (I think they’re hoping the viewers will do them the favor of eliminating her first.)

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