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Wednesday August 15, 2007 12:56 pm

A Whole New Type of Bachelor for ABC

Bachelor Brad Womack, courtesy of ABC ABC has announced the newest Bachelor, the eleventh hunk to hand out roses. Born in Atlanta and raised in Texas, dark-haired Brad Womack is an entrepreneur – a blue-collar hunk on a show that has heretofore featured much more pedigreed studs. Thirty-four years old, Womack left Texas State University to work in oil fields around Texas, Louisiana, California, and North Dakota. He learned bartending and started to save money, with his brothers, to open his own bar at the age of twenty-eight. Today, Womack owns four bars in the Texas area. But evidently, he hasn’t been so lucky in love. Enter reality TV opportunities.

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The network says Womack is “sincere” and “optimistic” when it comes to finding himself a wife. And though Bachelor Brad doesn’t have a medical degree, ABC is calling him “McSteamy” in an effort to capitalize on another popular show. ABC is willing to do anything to breathe new life into their reality dating game, as The Bachelor’s viewers have been on a steady decline. Viewers once loved to watch the reality romances and the roses, but media headlines have ruined the happily-ever-after image the show tries so hard to evoke. There hasn’t been a single viable marriage from The Bachelor in a decade of seasons. And while last year’s Lt. Andy Baldwin did pop the question to Tessa Horst, the couple still hasn’t made it to the altar – further damaging the idea that love can be found in front of cameras. Gee, and it seemed so realistic to suppose that love can be found because of a network production.

The 90-minute season premiere of The Bachelor will delight those viewers who still remain steadfast on September 24. Twenty-five women and one bar-owning hunk. Sure…I can see a happy, wonderful marriage coming out of that.



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