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Tuesday March 31, 2009 3:29 pm

90210 Season 2 Shockers


The buzz around ’s second season has already begun, and fans of the show are in for a ride. Expect to see “significant” changes…even involving the main cast.

Dustin Milligan, the actor behind the hot jock character Ethan, is no longer part of that main cast. His contract isn’t being renewed, though Milligan may make another handful of appearances to wrap up or move along certain story lines.

Interestingly, Matt Lanter (who plays newcomer Liam) will be bumped up to regular cast member in the second season. New episodes of 90210‘s first season, still in progression, will return this Tuesday night after several weeks on hiatus. The first new installment will feature both Liam and Ethan in an episode that will advance both their stories.

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The times, they are a-changing. In its new season, 90210 will more strongly feature California’s youth culture and rely less heavily on Beverly Hills vets like . I actually agree with the decision to boot the Ethan character - like anybody was buying that sensitive-boyfriend-but-still-a-jock story anyway.

Less , however, severely reduces my interest in the series. Didn’t Beverly Hills learn its lesson when they dropped Doherty the first time? Sure, the show stayed on TV…but it never did get the same big ratings.


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