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Sunday June 4, 2006 4:01 am

Kathy Griffin: Freedom From The D-List

Posted by Rachel Langley Categories: Reality, Cable, Editorial,

Kathy Griffin As a long time fan of Ms. Griffin’s I’m looking forward to June 6th when Bravo will unveil another fresh and frisky season of Kathy’s usual dirt dishing adventures. I have a particular fondness for the way she finds a humorous, yet biting way, to oust and joust her C-List and higher celebs.  This season however promises to have a more focused purpose. Looks like our Ms. Griffin has made an impassioned plea to upgrade and elevate herself from the ranks of a lowly D to what, I can only imagine, she views as a more promising C.  But with this plea comes in return an impassioned and pleaful reply of my own to our funny girl.

Does Queen of the D understand what she might be in for if she jumps rank? Gone will be the days of second-class accommodations and reporting from the press bridge on the E! Network (which ok, I can see the benefit in leaving that behind…) but with the pros come the cons. The cons could include bike chases down Sunset and poorly crafted lies about her on the cover of rag mags statewide (afterall we’re still talking only C List here). Now I’m not saying that Ms. Griffin can’t handle herself, or that she is not long over due for a celeb list promotion. I’m just asking the question; does she really understand what she’s in for? With her fan base growing and her visibility bringing her, well, more visibility, I have a feeling it won’t be long before Ms Griffin climbs the Celeb List rankings on her own. She won’t need any impassioned pleas or PR gags. And it will be interesting to see, when that time comes, if she dedicates the next season to getting herself back on the D List. Besides, does she really want to be seated at award tables with Tom Cruise and Gwen Paltrow? Although, on second thought, that would make one hell of an episode.

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