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Wednesday November 9, 2005 5:21 pm

Fans Are Not Happy With Latest Gilmore Girls Development

Posted by Rhys Alexander Categories: Drama, WB, Gossip, Spoilers,

Gilmore GirlsGilmore Girls has been taking a lot of flack recently, from fans and critics both. The show is criticized for losing its sparkle and sending the characters into storylines that are both dull and untrue to character. This doesn’t begin to compare to the recent drama. When information about an upcoming spoiler was released, fans reacted with venom. Responses ranged from “This show sucks now!” to “Gilmore Girls has jumped the shark!” to “If this is true I’m never watching the show again!” It has been confirmed by several reputable sources: the spoiler the fans have been dreading is indeed true. Spoiler information after the jump.

As if the relationship between Lorelai and Luke hasn’t seen enough strife, the writers are further complicating it by having Luke discover a long-lost daughter.

Yes, it’s true. When 11-year-old April approaches him about a DNA science experiment, Luke soon finds out why. Turns out April is a daughter conceived with an old girlfriend eleven years ago. I suppose we should at least give the storyline a chance, but pay attention writers: the fans are not happy.

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