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Tuesday May 6, 2008 4:07 pm

Does Tivo Reveal a Survivor Elimination?

Survivor Micronesia

Warning: Possible spoiler ahead!

I’m not sure if my recent discovery was merely a coincidence, but I found it quite interesting.  While going through my DVR for the week, I noticed this Sunday’s finale left out one name from its summary.

For those who own Tivos, it’s not uncommon to see names of actors and/or competitors in a show description.  But when a reality show only has five challengers left, does it mean something when only four of them are listed?

For May 11’s two-hour closer, the four mentioned are: Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, Parvati Shallow and Natalie Bolton.  That’s right no Erik Reichenbach.  Hmmm….

Now having pointed that out, I should note two other things:

  • The description for Thursday’s episode does not include Erik either.
  • The ice cream scooper’s elimination would not exactly be a surprise.  (Assuming the women win the next Immunity Challenge, the young guy should be a goner.)

So who knows?  Maybe the summary was purposely written to give us what we already expected.  But I know you all will be wondering!



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