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Thursday March 30, 2006 4:36 pm

Deal or No Deal?  I’m in.

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Deal or No DealDeal me in for Deal or No Deal


I don’t know.  I’m somewhat embarrassed to be hooked on a game show determined by random selection, and lorded over by one, recurring question, “Deal or No Deal?”

Since childhood, I’ve only succumbed to game shows twice before.  I’m smitten by the syndicated Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? because I’m a trivia buff, and I find Meredith Viera extremely charming. And there was Weakest Link.  I never could resist a tart-tongued Brit, much less the flame-throwing Anne Robinson.

But that doesn’t explain my affinity for Deal.  As an actor-comedian, Howie Mandell has never been a personal favorite.  While he’s small-talking contestants, or letting the Banker’s call ring off the hook, I’m thinking, Who sews the gowns for the gorgeous models?  Deal or No Deal is an international hit, broadcast in thirty-something countries.  Nonetheless, it strikes me as quintessentially American.  Perhaps, therein rests my attraction.

By and large, we Americans are greedy.  Our national motto should be: “Nothing succeeds like excess!”  This series plays exclusively to our greed; Deal glorifies our “money buys happiness” mentality.  Most of the contestants deify money.  In-studio advisors fuel their money love.  The studio audience is a greed machine.  The series is all 1980s’ American, “Greed is good!”  How can I not play moth to Deal or No Deal‘s flame?  I find greed personally repugnant in real life, and even on The Real World. But I can’t resist greed’s ugly head when it’s reared in the arts and entertainment.

Now that I’ve identified my affinity for this Deal, my other question still goes begging, “Who does design and sew the costumes for Deal‘s gorgeous models?”

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