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Wednesday July 16, 2008 11:04 pm

ABC News: Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice

Katherine Heigl

Even if Katherine Heigl was hoping to leave, it doesn’t sound like the network will be letting her go anytime soon.

Although the rising movie star irked many with her Emmy comments last month, ABC’s entertainment president Stephen McPherson says Heigl is “absolutely staying with the show.” This news comes days after rumors of a possible Izzie death started floating around. Word had it creator Shonda Rhimes was so irritated with the actress, she was considering all her options.

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But who knows? Maybe Katherine will remain with the series for the season, but eventually killed off in the finale. You can read further into McPherson’s comments and guess for yourself.

“There’s an unbelievable story line for her next season. is excited about that, she actually crafted it.”

A personalized storyline from Rhimes herself? This could get interesting.

Desperate Housewives

If you were hoping that Desperate HousewivesMay finale was just a bad dream, I hate to break it to you: It wasn’t.

This news is not only upsetting to Mike-Susan fans, it comes as a blow to some of the show’s actors. Since Season 5 will be advancing the characters five years forward, the actors will have to look the part as well. And that includes the child stars. For that reason, several new cast members have already been cast to play Lynette Scavo’s four children (Parker, Porter, Preston and Penny).

Meanwhile, Eva Longoria Parker recently told the media that her new look is actually tied to her work on the series. Pregnant? No. That extra belly flab is supposedly something the new Gabrielle has picked up since having children. The shorter haircut also adds to her character’s frumpier look.

Not that Eva wouldn’t still look good in just a potato sack…

Kate Walsh

Now that has done a decent job building it’s own audience, the series will finally focus more on the dirty work. The dirty surgical work.

For the show’s sophomore season, Stephen McPherson says the program will remind us that the characters are actually doctors, not just co-workers who sleep with each other.

“When it just became a soap opera it became spending a lot of time in the coffee room talking about angst. Shonda Rhimes was concerned about having to separate the show from ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ We’re going to get Kate’s character back in surgery.”

That’s doesn’t necessarily mean the characters will stop having sex, they’ll just hopefully stop talking to the elevators.



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