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Had Don Draper brought Joan Holloway to his London Fog meeting last season, the Mad Men character might have spared everyone a little time (and a Sal Romano some hotel embarrassment)—but better late then never, right?

In this real-life campaign for the outerwear company, actress adds sex appeal to the classic trench coats the company is known for.

“London Fog is a classic brand, which I love. It also ties into — we used London Fog in the show and this was a nice way to tie everything together,” the company’s new celebrity spokesmodel said. “The trench is such an iconic shape for men and women. It worked in the 1960s and it works now.”

Of course, just about anything works on Christina – which is why Brian McFayden is probably somewhere drooling like an idiot right now.

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Twilight jacket

A -inspired clothing range is being launched.

American fashion label BB Dakota is creating the line after one of its jackets was used in the vampire film. The canvas coat, worn by ‘s character Bella during a romantic scene with Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen, was not supposed to be used at all.

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Kings of Leon clothing line

Want to feel like sex on fire? Then maybe the can help.

On January 25, a 12-piece collaboration from the “Use Somebody” singers and Surface2Air will become available at various men’s clothing outlets.

An $1150 bomber jacket and a $150 pair of jeans are among the articles available for purchase. Other items in the S2A x KOL collection include a fedoras, ankle boots and flannel shirts.

Barney’s New York and Gargyle.com are a few of the places the line can be found.

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Hilary Duff Femme for DKNYHilary Duff‘s new fashion line is full of wardrobe essentials.

The actress-turned-designer - whose label Femme for DKNY Jeans launched in autumn - says she drew inspiration from her own fashion must-haves when she was sketching her styles.

“I designed clothing that I feel are staples for my closet. Every girl needs a great leather jacket, and every girl needs a skinny pair of black jeans.”

While she loves her job, Hilary admits she finds it strange she is no longer able to visit shopping malls without being hounded by fans and photographers: “I walked into a mall one day and was mobbed by people. And I just remember feeling really different than everyone else. I felt really loved. But it was weird at the same time.”

The actress recently appeared on the hit show Gossip Girl, where she portrayed movie starlet Olivia Burke. The 22-year-old beauty was unsure whether to accept the part at first, fearing she would be too similar to her on-screen persona.

“I was a little hesitant. It was kind of close to home… then I realized, I would never say something that Olivia says like, ‘Oh, this is just for the cameras.’”

Dereon saleOkay men, in particular husbands-you know your wife’s style (or you better), so if your special lady, the mother of your children has style matching none other than Miss Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce, then this is a great sale for her at Dereon. Pick out a few things you know she would love because this sale ends very soon:

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Apple Bottoms Gold Infant Jacket

It seems that a lot of my female friends are pregnant; something in the water they say? So I could not resist parousing a few sites to check out the options for baby shower gifts that will allow my friends’ little ones to come into this world in style. If you are anything like me, or like any other woman I suppose, you absolutely love to shop for baby clothes. It takes us back to the times of picking out the most fashionable duds and accessories available for our Barbies. I have picked out a few of these must-have’s for that special baby in your life.

Apple Bottoms Infant Kiki Sneakers

The Apple Bottoms Infant Light Weight Gold Jacket jacket is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time, and is just $30. Matched with the Apple Bottoms Infant Kiki Sneakers ($17), and these Baby Phat Infant Printed Belt Boot Cut Jean ($19), your baby girl will be the hippest infant in her playgroup.

If you love pink (as most little girls do,) this adorable Apple Bottoms Infant Flocked Bomber Jacketwill bring you back to when you wish you were a “pink lady.” This one can be had for about $30, over 50% off the original price.

Apple Bottoms Flocked Bomber Jacket

Let’s finish off with a couple more pieces of cute footwear. These Timberland Nordic Freeze Crib Booties are exactly what your hip baby needs to show off their street smarts and to keep their tiny toes all warm and snug, or they also come in dark blue for that little man of yours, and best of all, they are around $10! These are at a deep discount though, so you have to move quick to acquire these cute kicks.