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Comic Book Jobs: DC Comics (6 Jobs!)

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Green Lantern Plastic ManFrom New York to Burbank to San Diego, DC Comics continues to put their employment puzzle together.

They’ve just put up a huge list of jobs this week -- six of them, in fact. And some of them might be in your wheelhouse.

Publicity Manager (New York): You’ll be working in DC’s Marketing Department, executing “public relations projects" and providing “daily content for company news blogs.”

Executive Assistant #1 (New York): This one is for the DC Marketing department. “Move tomorrow’s 11 am to 10, change my flight from Burbank to San Diego, pick up Mrs. Executive some flowers when you’re getting my dry cleaning, scramble the PR team to spin our new crossover Final Crisis Women In Refrigerators, and order in some Pad Thai. It’s going to be a long night.”

Executive Assistant #2 (Burbank): You’ll be working for the DCE Sales Marketing and Business Development department. They’ll probably make you fight Executive Assistant #1, and then kiss.


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Review: DC Comics Batman and Robin #8

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BatmanandRobin#8 Rating: *** 1/2*
The past two issues of Grant Morrison‘s Batman and Robin have left me scratching my head - but in a good way. We discovered that Dick Grayson the current Batman has been keeping the body of the former Batman Bruce Wayne hidden in a sarcophagus in the Wayne Foundation building. His mission is to resurrect his former mentor by using a newly discovered Lazarus pit. Our last issue ended with Dick, Batwoman, and Kinght and Squire witnessing the supposed resurrection of Bruce Wayne from the Lazarus pit. Is this how Bruce Wayne returns to the land of the living? Thankfully, no.

It seems that the body that Dick Grayson has is one of the replicas created by Darkseid during the Final Crisis. All of them had been destroyed except one as Darkseid stated he could use the deceased body of the cloned Batman for some future use. This is a bit confusing as how could Darkseid have known that he was going to kill Batman and that he could use this clone body for evil purposes? Am I missing something here? Whatever the case the Batman that comes out of the Lazarus pit is a raving lunatic and begins attacking everyone in the room.

The clone Batman is able to escape thanks to a cave in and uses a Bat-copter to escape and head back to the Wayne Foundation. There he beats up Alfred and confronts a wheel chair bound Damian who thinks his father has returned to him. And we end there.

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Return of Bruce Wayne

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Return of Bruce Wayne It was announced a few days ago that Bruce Wayne would finally be coming back as beginning in April 2010. The event will take place in a min-series entitled Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and it will be written by Grant Morrison. I’m very happy that Bruce Wayne will be returning, but I’m curious as to why both he and Captain America are through the exact chain of events in their lives right now. Both characters saw their side kicks resurrected (Jason Todd and Buck); both were “killed off”; both characters saw side kicks take over the mantle for them (Dick Grayson and Bucky); both are stuck in the past; and both are now trying to make their ways back to the present. What gives? Who’s copying who?

Well the idea of resurrecting Jason Todd began during the Hush storyline in 2002, but we didn’t see Jason return until 2005. The return of Bucky began around the same time in 2005 as well. Steve was killed in early 2007 and Bruce was killed in late 2008. It was revealed a few months ago that Steve was stuck in time, but Bruce was revealed to be stuck in the past at the end of at the beginning of the year. Since we are fans, we are not privy to which company came up with which idea first, but if it were me, I would try to do something a bit different with my company’s character. Also, what good is it for the fans? They will buy it nonetheless, but is it really that interesting to have the same exact thing happen to two iconic characters? What happens when they return?

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Tuesday Preview - 2.3.09

Well, the comic groundhog has risen from its hole and determined six more weeks of not so exciting comics. Still, we persevere.

The only toys of note are the New Gods. Paraphrasing The Who, here’s the New Gods, same as the old Gods. Plus the 4th printing of Amazing Spider-Man 583. Some guy in New York advertised the third printing at $3.99 with an ad in which he said the comic might become a collector’s item. So what are my Diamond bills listing that book’s worth? See you on E-bay.

Secret Warriors has in it… well, it’s a secret, so I can’t tell you. Haunted Tank 3 continues a cool and relevant storyline. War of the Kings, Darkhawk, gets us back into space in this highly well-received series. Final Crisis, Legion concludes and I am sure it will continue in the final figuring out of why the Skrulls replaced Grant Morrison and where is the original? So far, none of my customers have enjoyed Final Crisis and I don’t think you can blame them. And for the few, the proud, we have the next Buffy. Hopefully, next week we have a huge shipment of Essentials coming in at bargain prices.

Stay tooned.

Final Crisis 7- My Take

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I really don’t know what to say. Final Crisis 7 is a perfect summary of the Final Crisis series. It reads like a plate glass window smashed by a sledgehammer. Every scene is a piece of shattered glass that tries to re-assemble itself back into a window. Whether it was successful or not is your opinion (by the way, check out Dave and Joel‘s opinions).  I apologize for the jumpy nature of this review, but this issue is going to require a lot more re-readings before I comprehend everything.

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Random Thoughts - 1.30.09

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Oh, it’s not our Final Crisis but the Monitor’s Final Crisis? Does that mean we have our own Final Crisis to endure? And, if I read it right (a big IF) did the Monitor’s existence fade away? Who exactly has the power to do this? Uotan? He did tell his fellow Monitors to “make your peace,” but he was reborn in Metropolis. So is his BFF reborn somewhere else? And if he’s reborn why wouldn’t the rest of the Monitors regenerate. Maybe they have their own resurrection ship like on Galactica. And how did I miss the ship on the next-to-last page that obviously carried Batman to Australia? Could someone tell me where in the previous story did this ship come from? Darkseid always hated music? Who knew? Do you think the DC Aborigine knows the Marvel guy? And, finally, Superman can wish for one thing and wants a “happy ending”? Wow, the jokes could be endless. Me love Superman long time.

Well, Final Crisis Revelations sure revealed a lot didn’t it? So to find out all of Hercules female conquests, we need the “Who’s Who of Super Heroines”? Told you last time. Why didn’t Herc and Cho invite Athena to join them for pizza? Now I like the FOE covers, but my customers having to keep asking where their favorite books are ? The covers are all black and the white Black Adam obscures the title of the book. People couldn’t find Booster Gold because of the Enemy Ace name. Over in the war that time forgot (too easy to say book that people forgot), I pity the fool that picks up the first six-issue compilation and tries to figure out the plot. And what’s with the rumor that Smallville has shot two different season ending episodes with one being a series-ender? My DC rep promises to investigate.

In Marvel land they really seem to be killing off half the Ultimate Universe characters. Just like raising almost everything to $3.99 will kill off half their sales. Still, I did like Kitty Pryde telling the reluctant subway passengers to “Take my hand if you want to live.”  They really concluded the Daredevil storyline neatly huh? Except they didn’t. Now we know to not mess with Orono because she really jumped in power level, didn’t she? Finally, I loved New Avengers because they are heading for a grand confrontation with no opaque motivations, so far. But, even the President knows Norman Osborne is nuts? Gotta love politics.

The Joel Take - Final Crisis 7

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Final Crisis

Normally, I never re-read comics, mainly because owning a store means I have access to too many of them. But, I made an exception in the case of Final Crisis. The following was my original evil plan.

When the comics arrived I unpacked them and immediately read Final Crisis. I figured I could review it before any of my fellow bloggers (Thanks, Dave for beating me to the punch!). Well, I would have if I could have figured out what the hell happened here.

So it took me a little digesting and a re-read to understand this book. My DC rep said someone in the office figured it was going to take him a year and a complete re-read to fully understand everything that went on. I always tell people that at my age I can’t wait a year for anything. That all being said, I finally figured out exactly why I hated Final Crisis 7 and the entire series.

Anyone who follows wrestling realizes that the problem with the WWE is that all their writers are writing for an audience of one, Vince McMahon. Here, Grant Morison is writing for someone who’s identity we will never know. He tried to pack so much into the series that it has confused and upset the vast majority of readers. Comics are supposed to be popular culture, like, say, this site. Producing high art that is well above the comprehension of the common man may be emotionally satisfying to Mr. Morrison and a few of his contemporaries, but it does nothing for either my sales figures nor the emotional well-being of my customers. My wife is someone who saw the first five parts of Star Wars (chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6) but refused to see the sixth (chapter 3). How, I asked her, could you see the first five and not the sixth? Easy she replied. I liked the first three (4, 5, 6), but didn’t like the next two (1, 2) so why should I waste my time and money on the sixth? I have a feeling DC is going to promote the compilations with the idea that the only way to “fully enjoy” the story is all at once. I don’t think so.

Stay tuned for Random Thoughts.

DC Comics Review: Final Crisis #7

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At the end of my review for “Final Crisis” #6, I said that I wasn’t going to pick up the last issue of the series. However, since I write for Comix 411 in my spare time and I’m always looking for something to write about and I decided to bit the bullet and buy it so I can give my review. So what can I say about “Final Crisis” #7?  Well…I didn’t like this one either.  I just don’t get why some people think this has been a good story.

I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person.  I graduated from college with a degree in English;  I received a masters degree in library science;  I can follow along when something is a little bit deep, but I don’t think this story was at all deep or even just over my head.  I just think this was a bad story. 

As with my previous review, I will be talking about some details within this issue.  If you don’t wish to be spoiled, do not read any further.

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Superman Beyond

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After months of waiting, the second installment of Superman Beyond has arrived. For those that don’t read the series or forgot what happened in the previous issue, during “Final Crisis” Lois Lane was caught in an explosion and is dying. The only way Superman can save her is by embarking on an epic quest to obtain an elixir of bleed (think: elixir of life). On his fantastic voyage through the multiverse Superman encounters alternate versions of himself - the Earth-S Captain Marvel, A Nazi Superman, Captain Adam (Doctor Manhattan), and Ultraman - saves “Comic Book Limbo”, and does battle with Mandrakk the Dark Monitor. Whew, did I miss anything?

Anyway, this issue begins with Comic Book Limbo under siege and Superman rallying forgotten heroes like Merryman to its defense. Once that is finished it’s time for Superman to enter the world of the Monitors and defeat Mandrakk to obtain the elixir.

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What’s next for Batman after Final Crisis?

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Batman is dead.  In this week’s issue of “Final Crisis”, Batman died at the hands of Darkseid.  I always felt that if DC were to ever write this story, (I’m not including the death of Earth 2 Batman or any Elseworlds stories) Batman’s death would come at the hands of one of his rogues.  It would be an epic tale where the Joker or Ra’s would finally succeed in getting one over on Bruce in a moment of weakness. 

So now that he’s dead, where do we go from here?  Well we know DC will be putting “Detective Comics” and “Batman” on hiatus and in it’s place will be a three part miniseries entitled “Battle for the Cowl”.  We can assume from the title that there will be a fight of some sort to see who will take over as Batman.  The players are: Nightwing, Robin, Jason Todd, and Hush.

This is much different that what we saw during the “Knightfall” trilogy where the mantle was simply given to Jean Paul Valley aka Azrael.  Bruce’s relationship with Dick Grayson was estranged at the time and Tim Drake was too young, so for some reason it was deemed fitting that the character of Bruce Wayne would rationally relinquish the most important thing in his life to this guy he barely knew - but that’s ancient history now.

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