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Lindsay Lohan Films eHarmony Ad

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Note to : You’re a fool. Lindsay’s a keeper!

If Lindsay Lohan’s recent split has you worried about the actress, this should make you feel better. Not only is she talking openly about the matter (hello Us Weekly!), she’s putting herself back out on the market.

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Paris Hilton Continues Her Fake Presidential Campaign

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If you thought Paris Hilton’s presidential run ended with her first campaign video, you were wrong. Although the hotel heiress has been spending a lot of time lately looking for a new BFF, she has not yet set aside her political aspirations.

In her latest clip (which can be seen after the jump), Hilton seeks out advice from a former fake politician—the West Wing‘s President Jed Bartlet (a.k.a Martin Sheen).

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Paris Hilton Takes On John McCain

Paris fights back at McCain's ad

John McCain and Barack Obama have taken on many issues, policies, and politicians in their day, yet I’m not sure that they can handle what has come next for them. In fact, they just might want to team up to take on this very powerful common enemy that has ostentatiously made herself known: Paris Hilton.

The infamous heiress recently released a spoof video (seen after the jump) as a response to John McCain’s recent political ad, in which Paris makes an unauthorized appearance. I would, too, if my family donated a few million dollars to his campaign and my face ended up in his commercial without my consent!

In the video, Paris pokes fun of the “wrinkly” senator as well as his opponent and herself, suggesting that she run for president and paint the White House pink, among other things.

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