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Keith Richards enjoys borrowing wife Patty's clothesKeith Richards is not afraid to admit that he wears his wife’s clothes. Should we be surprised?

The Rolling Stones rocker takes a keen interest in fashion and his spouse, former supermodel Patty Hansen insists he looks good in anything—even her cast-offs.

The couple’s 23-year-old daughter Alexandra revealed: “My mum says he’d even look cute in a tutu. He doesn’t wear one, but he can wear anything and make it look great. He wears my mum’s pyjama pants and blouses, and still makes them look amazing. It’s cool.”

Alexandra and her sister Theodora, who are currently fronting an advertising campaign for French Connection together, say they have always been proud of their parents’ individual senses of style. Theodora explained to Britain’s Grazia magazine: “We were watching our baby videos last night and my mum and dad were the most wicked dressers. Everyone else was wearing clean-cut pants and T-shirts, and they had scarves on their heads, earrings everywhere - dad too. Their style definitely affected us.”

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Whitney Port in New York City

MTV darling and star of The City, Whitney Port, was snapped up by the paparazzi in this frightening outfit.

Unflattering high-waisted shorts and a masculine (in a bad way) cropped button-up paired with lilac sandals? Diane von Fürstenberg hired this woman? This photo just screams, “I’m trying way too hard at being fashionable!”

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Chris Brown

The are meant to be a hip affair, with pop culture’s hippest and hottest doing a turn in their funky fashions. Unfortunately, even the highest-paid can bring the wrong kind of funk to their expensive threads. Who managed to flop rather than fly, fashion-wise?

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While I would never call myself a Harry Potter fanatic, I’m finding more and more appealing every day. Why?

  1. She’s gorgeous.
  2. She knows how to dress like a lady.
  3. She’s planning to go to college.
  4. Her accent is adorable.
  5. She can laugh at herself. (Refer to video above.)
  6. She can lie with a straight face to David Letterman.
  7. She doesn’t leave the house without underwear.

(BTW - you can get a better shot of her recent wardrobe malfunction after the jump.)

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Corey Feldman at Michael Jackson memorial

Lost boy indeed…

There’s nothing loves more than to celebrate his inner Michael Jackson, and today’s memorial gave him the unfortunate chance to do just that.

The day after Jackson’s death, the actor - who once had a close relationship with the singer - also wore an MJ-inspired outfit to a special taping of Larry King Live. (You can see a post-show interview with him after the jump.) Thankfully, he apparently had more than one ensemble to choose from.

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Blake Lively in Cavalli

During her appearance at the opening of the New York Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store, Blake Lively admitted to selecting her own attire.

“It would probably help if I had a stylist, but I don’t. I enjoy the process. I enjoy scrolling through the shows or fashion magazines and picking looks straight from the runway. I also like to think of things I haven’t done yet. For example, I’ve never worn Cavalli but I saw this dress in a magazine and thought, I think I need to get in on this,” she told reporters.

While I admire that (and her supposed choice in Cavalli), I have a hard time believing that she’s just not crediting her stylist from the show. Call me cynical, but Lively’s name was unknown in the fashion world until Gossip Girl. Was it magic that suddenly gifted her with a great fashion sense?

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Beyonce at 2009 BET AwardsBeyonce at 2009 BET Awards

If there is anyone who could have overshadowed Janet Jackson’s BET Awards appearance last night, it was Beyonce.

I believe it was Coco Chanel who said that when it came to accessorizing, you should always take off the last thing you put on. Unfortunately, this musical diva went a bit too far. What was already a loud dress was made even more garish when she paired it with large turquoise-colored hoops and beaded heels.

Now we know why Jay-Z’s always wearing sunglasses…

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Drew Barrymore in Florida Marlins gear

Okay, I get that and Justin Long were dressed casually for a baseball game. I understand that the actress was wearing a jersey and shark hat in honor of the Florida Marlins.

But could someone please explain what was happening on the lower half of her body? (I’ll save my questions about the status of this doomed relationship for later….)

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Paris Hilton made a big show of herself while working on her reality show in Dubai recently…flouting Arabic custom, the law of the land and basic good sense all at the same time.

While shooting for , the heiress put on a very revealing two-piece and frolicked on the beach for photogs. While this is typical Hilton behavior, it’s not typical for women to reveal so much in public in this part of the country - a practice she was warned against by producers.

An unknown source says “bosses warned her Western tourists have been jailed,” for breaking with the traditions of the nation, but Hilton did what she wanted to do anyway.

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Linda vs. Milla

For today’s installment, we have Prada’s Fall/Winter ‘08 favorite Linda Evangelista on the left and Resident Evil ass-kicker Milla Jovovich on the right.

Aside from Linda having perfected her makeup routine in under ten minutes, there’s not too much of a difference between these two supermodels, is there?

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