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Thursday May 22, 2008 5:18 pm

Shania Twain’s Marriage Drama Continues

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Put-Description-HereYou knew a 14-year marriage could not have ended without at least a little scandal, right?

As reported last week, singer Shania Twain and long-time husband, Mutt Lange, have announced they are finally calling it quits. Anyone reading into the press statement at the time might have noticed something missing; nowhere did it say the “split was amicable” or that they would “remain good friends.” That’s because it didn’t and they probably won’t.

Over the past week, people close to the pair have been claiming that a third party - someone Shania knew quite well - was involved in the split. The alleged other woman, 37-year-old Marie-Anne Thiébaud, was a former employee of the couple. (Thiébaud worked as a secretary and a house manager of their Switzerland estate.) According to sources, Mutt and Marie-Ann both left their partners and are still currently involved.

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When contacted by E!, Thiébaud didn’t exactly deny any romantic relationship with Lange, only that she was not the cause of the marriage’s demise:

“I know what you’re ringing to ask me about. But when marriages break up, they break up for all sorts of complicated reasons—it’s never just one reason. And those reasons should be kept private. If you’re looking for a person that broke up a marriage, then you have the wrong person. I’m not that person.”

While it’s quite possible Shania and Mutt were having problems, have we not learned anything from the whole Denise Richards/Richie Sambora/Heather Locklear debacle? You should always wait until the couple is officially divorced before you start messing with your friend’s ex!



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