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Wednesday November 7, 2012 3:03 am

Lindsay Lohan Could Face ‘Significant Jail Time’

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan could face "significant jail time" after lying to the police about her car crash in June.

Although the Liz & Dick star previously told officials she wasn't driving her Porsche during the accident on the Pacific Coast Highway, but after several witnesses came forward to claim she was behind the wheel, police are now pushing for a period of incarceration for her as she is already on probation.

"Once Lindsay is formally charged with lying to cops, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office will ask for a formal probation violation hearing. At the conclusion of the probation hearing prosecutors will ask the judge to sentence Lindsay to significant time in jail, up to one year. Prosecutors and cops think there is more than enough evidence for the judge to find Lindsay in violation of probation and are hopeful that this time, she will face the maximum penalty for lying to cops. Remember, the burden is much lower for a probation violation, just the fact that Lindsay will be charged with a crime is enough for her probation to be revoked and sent to jail," a source said.



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