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Thursday February 11, 2010 4:01 pm

VIDEO: John Mayer Makes Emotional Apology During Concert

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I’m not sure what girls love more: A man who talks about their sexual exploits in a magazine, or a man who isn’t afraid to get emotional in public. - I now see your appeal.

As proven over the past couple of days, months, years—Mayer is never at a loss for words. And last night, the singer proved that once again during a Nashville concert at the Sommet Center.

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old was under fire for a number of controversial comment he made during a recent Playboy interview. In addition to comparing sex with Jessica Simpson to “crack cocaine,” he compared his genitalia to white supremacist David Duke and made a reference to the N-word.

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Although he spent a good part of Wednesday trying to apologize via his Twitter account, John felt he needed to open his mouth a little more in the middle of his performance later that evening. Included in his lengthy mea culpa were shout-outs to his individual band members.

“They are not on this stage because they support what I say. They’re on this stage because they support myself as a possible future grown-up,” he said about his fellow musicians.

So what do you think of Mayer’s actions? Do you forgive him…or do you think he should just shut up - for good - and just get stoned?

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