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Tuesday July 6, 2010 1:25 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 354: Unibody Mac mini vs. Apple TV vs. original Mac mini

With the newly redesigned unibody Mac mini, it appears that Apple is trying to bring the best of the original Mac mini and the current Apple TV together to make a more formidable machine. After all, the Mac mini is now the only Apple Mac computer that sports a built-in HDMI port, perfect for connecting it to your home theater. In this episode we compare the look and build of the new Mac mini, the original Mac mini, and the Apple TV.

You can pick up the unibody Mac mini at Apple now.

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FFvs13noctis its relatively iPod can store movies and music from iTunes, and paste it into the tv and watch high-quality stuff. Not worth it.

Pro line. How does it handle in day to day use? Read on and find out in this part of our Mac Mini review. Aesthetically, the new Mac Mini is a big step away from the older generation models: at 19.7×19.7cm, it’s substantially wider, but also much..

FFvs13noctis its pretty much an ipod that you can save movies and music to from itunes and plug it into your tv to watch in high quality and stuff.? not worth it.?

Apple products are best suited in the house with our eyes on the new unibody Mac mini, the Mac mini home, and Apple TV. The recently released Mac mini seems to be the best of both worlds between the emergence and the Apple TV, but of course, Apple TV is the best interface.

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