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Monday September 21, 2015 10:29 am

Bleeding Edge TV 546: Multi-room Audio with Monster SoundStage Speakers

Multi-room audio is amazing with the Monster SoundStage wireless speaker line. In a nutshell, you can stream your favorite music services, Bluetooth, music over Wi-Fi, and more to multiple SoundStage speakers, all perfectly in sync. Qualcomm AllPlay is the technology built in to the Monster SoundStage speakers that makes it all possible - all you need is the SoundStage app to make it happen. I show you how it works in this episode!

You can get the Monster SoundStage wireless speakers now!

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Video Transcript:

Hey guys, welcome to Bleeding Edge TV, I'm Andru Edwards. This is the show that brings you news and reviews through the eyes of GearLive.com.

And today, as I said in the open, I'm talking to you about grouping together Monster SoundStage speakers. Now that might not make sense. What does "grouping" mean? Grouping speaker. What is that?

As I've talked about in previous videos when I gave you a look at the Monster SoundStage S1, S2, and S3, not only are they wireless speakers, but it's a whole ecosystem  so you can group speakers together.

What that means is these speakers can talk to each other. For example, let's say I'm in one room and I have my SoundStage S2 speaker in there with me. I'm listening to some Macklemore. I'm cleaning up downstairs, I'm listening to some music, and I'm going between rooms.

If I have a SoundStage in the next room as well, I can group those speakers together so that both speakers are playing the same music, perfectly in sync with each other.

So I don't have to go on one, start the song, and then go to the other speaker and start the song there, go to the other one and press pause so that it catches up with the other speaker...you don't have to do any of that.

With the Monster SoundStage ecosystem, you can just group the speakers together. Here's how to do it.

Setting it up is super easy. All you do is open up the Monster SoundStage app either on your smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android. Find the speaker that speaker that's playing the music that you then want to share to other speakers. Tap on the Group button next to that speaker.

Then you just tap on the other speakers that you wanna add to the group and press Done. And that's it. Now those speakers are grouped together and they're all playing the same music and they'll stay that way until you turn the group off.

Now when you play a song or playlist, it'll play on all those speakers in perfect sync, super super easy.

That's it guys, that was your look at grouping speakers in the SoundStage ecosystem. Again that works with the Monster SoundStage S1, Monster SoundStage S2, and Monster SoundStage S3.

Until next time, I'm Andru Edwards. Be sure to hit the Like button if you like what you saw today, and subscribe to find out about all our future video releases here on YouTube. That's it for Bleeding Edge TV, stay tuned for more news and reviews through the eyes of GearLive.com. I'll see you next time.

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