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Monday September 21, 2015 4:04 am

Bleeding Edge TV 545: How to Change Inputs on Monster SoundStage speakers

The Monster SoundStage speakers support a bunch of different connection methods to various devices and music services. There are the Qualcomm AllPlay-powered wireless options, like Wi-Fi, Direct Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, as well as the wired choices, like 3.5mm jack and digital Toslink cable.

In this episode, I talk more about each method, and show you have to cycle between them to get just the right music playing from whichever device you want to use.

You can get the Monster SoundStage wireless speakers now!

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Video Transcript:

Hey guys, welcome to Bleeding Edge TV, I'm Andru Edwards. This is the show that brings you news and reviews through the eyes of GearLive.com. Today we've got a quick one.

I've been giving you some tutorials, tips, and tricks on using the Monster SoundStage speaker platform. Wireless speakers with booming sound.

One thing I've told you about in our previous videos where I give you a look at the SoundStage S1, S2, and S3 is that you can connect to these speakers in multiple ways. They're wireless speakers, you can connect to them over Bluetooth, you can connect to the over Wi-Fi, you can connect to them over Direct Wi-Fi.

You can also open up the rubber cover on the back, it connects with a 3.5mm cable, or even a digital Toslink cable. So there's a lot of ways to connect to this speak, but with so many choices, sometimes you might wanna use one method, and then you might wanna change to a different method.

Here's how to change the input source on the Monster SoundStage speaker. First thing you need to do is activate the control panel by just sliding your finger across. Once it illuminates, just tap on the circle that you see in the center of the control panel.

That button is the input button. Each time you tap it, you're changing the input on the SoundStage speaker. Keep tapping it until you get to the input that you want, and then just stay there and enjoy your music.

And of course, if you want to go back to the other input that you were using originally, just do the same thing. Activate the control panel, tap the circle button until it's back on the input that you want.

Pretty easy, right? Simple. That's it for this episode, hit the Like button if you like what you learned today, and as always please subscribe to find out more about future videos as we release them over on YouTube.com/GearLive.

That was your look at how to change inputs on the Monster SoundStage speaker, that method works across the entire speaker line. One thing of note, though, just so you know, if you have the Monster SoundStage S1, the control panel illuminates on the top of the speaker right there.

If you have an S2 or S3, that same control panel does illuminate, but it's actually inside the handle. So, on the S2 that's right there, and on the S3, right over here.

Thanks for watching guys. As always, stay tuned for more tech news and reviews right here on Bleeding Edge TV, I'll see you next time.

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