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Friday July 29, 2016 2:56 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 584: HTC 10 Launch Party Highlights from NYC

HTC threw a big coming out party for its new HTC 10 Android smartphone, which I am still calling the best Android phone of 2016. I was on hand at the event, and in this episode I bring you a look at what went down at Canoe Studios in Chelsea.

HTC brought in a bunch of journalists, bloggers, YouTubers, and tech influencers to check out the new HTC 10 smartphone, learn about all of its features, enjoy some great food and music, and pick up our review units of the device. During the event I was also able to sit down with HTC's Nigel Newby-House for a one-on-one interview, and played with the HTC Vive as well.

You can pick up the HTC 10 now.

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Video Transcript:

The new HTC 10 was announced a few days ago, and I was in New York City for the big reveal. I bring you the sights and sounds of the launch event in this episode. Stay tuned.

HTC launched its new flagship smartphone at an event in Chelsea a few days ago, and I was invited to be there, get my hands on the HTC 10, interview HTC’s Nigel Newby-House, and pick up my HTC 10 review unit. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out my HTC 10 Top 5 Features video, which I will link in the description below, and stay tuned for my full review.

HTC put together an intimate gathering of some of the top tech influencers, YouTubers, and journalists, and I brought my dude JQ of TeQreation along for the ride to serve as my cameraman. We had great views of the city, including the Hudson River and the downtown skyline, along with a great environment we could all use to check out all of the features of the new HTC 10.

I was able to chat with Nigel Newby-House, Executive Director at HTC, and he shared with me some of the overall strategies behind the decision that went into creating the HTC 10. For example, they wanted to stick with the metal unibody as a way of being true to the roots of the flagship line, yet providing a modernized look while giving users a cleaner, less bloated experience in the software. Another change is to the BoomSound speakers - rather than the two front-facing speakers, HTC wanted to provide a crisper, cleaner sound and did so by providing one speaker for highs and another speaker for bass, while simultaneously improving music for those listening on headphones by way of a 24-bit DAC. Finally, the UltraPixel 2.0 camera finds the balance between megapixels and pixel size, resulting in a camera that carries a 12 megapixel sensor with 1.55 micron sized pixels and takes in almost 200% more light. The front camera is wide angle, and is the only smartphone selfie camera to boast optical image stabilization.

I was also able to chat with JBL about the new Reflect Aware C headphones, which plug into the USB-C port on phones that are equipped with one. They’re noise-cancelling and draw power directly from the device. The headphones feature 14.8mm drivers, and will be exclusive to the HTC 10, at least at the beginning.

If you’re not already, be sure to hit the subscribe button so you can be one of the first to know when we release our full HTC 10 review, which will be dropping soon. Early spoiler warning though, this phone is hot! If you’re looking forward to checking out my HTC 10 review, drop a like on this video.

Thanks for watching guys - this is Andru Edwards from Gear Live, I appreciate your support, and I’ll catch you in the next video.

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