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Bleeding Edge TV 539: DTS Play-Fi Multi-room Wireless Music Streaming

Play-Fi is the whole-home wireless streaming technology from the audio experts at DTS. With Play-Fi, compatible speakers and receivers can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, sending music from your favorite music services like Spotify, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, and Deezer, as well as songs stored on your local home network DLNA server.

You can find Play-Fi compatible audio components from companies like Phorus, Definitive Technology, Polk, Wren, and Hewlett-Packard.

You can get Play-Fi-compatible devices now!

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In this episode I’m showing you how to use Play-Fi to get Multi-Room audio music all over your house stay tuned:

Welcome in The Bleeding Edge TV. I am Andru Edwards, editor-in-chief of GearLive.com and in today’s episode I’m showing you how to use Play-Fi, the power of Play-Fi  to get multi-room streaming audio all throughout your homes.

So what I have in front of me right now is the Phorus PS5 wireless speaker and the Phorus PR5 wireless receiver and I’ve done videos on each of these before, you can see those on our channel youtube.com/GearLive.

The PS5 speaker is an all-in-one unit, everything you need is right here.

To listen to your music, you plug it in, you power it on and you can use your iOS device, your android device whether it is a smart phone or tablet or PC, and send your music    directly to where it have a play right from here.

Or if you have your own amazing stereo system already you have your speaker set-up, you have everything the way you like it but you want to give it the power of streaming audio, use the Phorus PR5, this connects your existing speaker system and you just want to give it the extra power to stream things like Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Serious Accent, Rhapsody, etc. you use that.

Now, the cool thing though is that you can do this in multiple rooms. You can have This Phorus PS5 speaker in the kitchen; you can have Phorus PR5 in your living room where you have the night speaker system, you can have another one of these in a bedroom.

And through the power of Play-Fi, you can control them all and they can all be doing the same thing, playing the same song or they can all be controlled separately playing their own separate music.

All you need to do it is the Play-Fi app, and again it’s available for android, for iOS, and for PC.

So I’m going to show you right now how the iOS app looks, and then we will move over to the PC app and I will show you how to get all these stuff working.

First, let’s sum up the smart phone and tablet apps. To an iOS user, you have access to Pandora, Spotify songs, SiriusXM, Ds or NPR DLNA from your local network as well as Apple Lossless files.

The cool thing about Play-Fi is it supports high definition lossless files 24 bit/192kHz.

For an Android user, you get those same services plus the addition of audio Rhapsody which is coming to iOS soon but not quite there yet.

Here, you can see your speakers, you can control them individually, send your choice of music to them both.

Now, if you’re not in iOS, let’s just say you’re a Rhapsody user, these Phorus devices in particular do support AirPlays.

You can go ahead and AirPlay your music from those services right to the speakers.

Anyway, even though they’re not included yet in the Play-Fi experience. In fact, the Phorus hardware is so versatile that not only can you do AirPlay, you can do Bluetooth streaming. Obviously you can do the streaming over wifi.

Moving over to the PC paired with DTS app works with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Officially I have it working here on Windows 10 and it works just fine.

The free version allows you to send your PC audio right to a Play-Fi speaker. So whether you are listening to a music service or you are watching videos on YouTube, you can send that audio right to a Play-Fi speaker.

The Play-Fi HD upgrade for PC cost $14.99 and it allows you to manage multiple speakers throughout your home individually, and just play the audio from specific apps.

So for example, if you just want to play your Google Play Music and have the rest of the sounds from your PC stay on your PC, you can do that with Play-Fi HD.

And there you have it! Play-Fi makes the super simple app that allows you to control all your Play-Fi enabled devices.

Again, we have four devices here, but these are not the only Play-Fi devices that you can get.You can find great Play-Fi devices from companies like Definitive Technology, Polk Audio,    Wren and Hewlett-Packard as well.

But like I said, I like Phorus because of the myriad of options it gives you for connecting especially with iOS devices. I am a big fan of AirPlay.

And that’s it. That was your look at Play-Fi app which allows you to control your Play-Fi enabled devices.

And if you are not in YouTube head over to youtube.com/GearLive, hit the subscribe button on the channel to be notified whenever we publish a new video. And of course, feel free to live your comments and questions as well, and I will be happy to get back to you with some help if you need it.

Thank you for watching! As always I am Andru Edwards. Stay tuned for more tech news through GearLive.com here on The Bleeding Edge TV.


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