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Obama President Elect

Waking up on a chilly Wednesday morning following the most historic election that I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of, I know that we are simply one step closer to fixing the problems in our country. As a Republican, I understood early on that this election had to be about more than ideology, more than race, and more than age. It had to be about getting Americans to stop thinking about themselves, and to begin working towards the common goal of making this country better.

The economic collapse wasn’t about President Bush. It wasn’t about Republicans. And it wasn’t about a Democratic Congress. It wasn’t about bad loans, or a war overseas, or foreign oil.

It was about greed. It was about people looking out only for themselves. It was about people forgetting to “be subject to one another.” And so I voted for . I voted for a man with little political experience, with no executive experience, and with an ideology very different than my own.

Because what our country needed most right now was a “community organizer.”

We need someone with the experience of getting people to work together towards a vision. The President wasn’t going to fix the country’s ills on his own. No President could. Real change only comes from the people that work towards it, united towards a common goal. Mixed in with the media-savvy phrases of hope and change was the most important message, the one that truly resonated with Obama’s supporters.


The next four years has to be about more than race. It has to be about more than political ideology. And it has to be about more than who won and who lost on November 4th, 2008. It has to be about all of us rallying behind not a man, but our country, to make it better. It has to be about us becoming a community, being subject to one another, and working for what we believe in.

It starts now.


Barack Obama

Despite all the talk about having a candidate that inspired the youth vote, brought out the black vote out in droves, and was one-half (or four-fifths, or the whole enchilada, depending on who you’re reading) of the most fevered and costly campaign in US history, America watched the election with bated breath, and voting day finally yawned, scratched itself, and rolled over.  In other words, it mustered only the energy to increase the voter turnout by a fraction of a percent.


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On Tuesday, November 4, 2008, Barack Obama became President-Elect of the United States of America. The significance of this election extends far beyond partisan politics. In fact, it surpasses what we have known, redefining politics for a new generation. This is a cultural shift, evidenced by the amount of voters mobilized this Election Day. People of all ages, races, and classes made a decision to move forward into a new sphere of American politics. This election was not about the power of one man, or even one party. This election was about the ability of the American people.

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If you’re upset by Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain’s loss to Democrat Barack Obama, take a deep breath. Everything will be alright. Every time our country has a one-party majority, things screw up majorly. Like I’ve written many times before, most people like to ignore history.

Democrat Bill Clinton had a Democratic majority in Congress, and it was a disaster. It wasn’t until after two years of failed policies, and one mistake after another, that the Republicans took the majority back and cleaned things up. I don’t need to explain Democrat Jimmy Carter’s years. I’ll just say that the mainstream media likes to state that our economy hasn’t been this bad since the Great Depression, but ignores record interest rates, record unemployment, high taxes, and record high inflation under Carter’s miserable years.

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Former Governor of Arkasas, Republican Mike Huckabee, couldn’t have said it better. I agree with him in his open letter on redstate.com.

My thoughts are like his, but I’m also hoping that the next four years are not like the last four. Our country has been so divided, and in my opinion, made worse by the mainstream media. I feel that conservatives have a lot more humility than liberals. They can disagree with their leader without disrespecting our nation’s highest office, or stating publicly like some have about our current president, George W. Bush, wishing for his death.

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Voting box

It’s usually around your third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree that the conversation will get theoretical.  Talk turns from the texts (Moby Dick, Frankenstein, Oscar Wilde, or Bernardo Bertolucci) to the subject of theory, conjecture.  Invariably, any honest English, Film, Communications or History student will eventually come around to the topic of simulation and simulacra.  It’s been a few years since I’ve studied those particular subjects, but there’s something about the US election that has forced those old lessons out from the dusty recesses of my brain.

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Everyone knows why Ralph Nader continues to run for president every four years - he believes that the American people deserve better than two legitimate candidates for the Presidency. While his views are debatable, it’s indisputable that Nader running at the conclusion of each presidential term has a damaging effect on both the Democratic and Republican candidates. In 2000, Nader attempted to inch his way into the presidential race by calling for reform for both parties, as well as claiming that George W. Bush and Al Gore had identical political views.

“Our two parties are basically one corporate party wearing two heads and different makeup,” Nader said at a 2000 rally. “There is a difference between Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but not that much.”

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A blog that Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama wrote on the far-left website, Daily Kos, has resurfaced. As of late, he’s been trying to fool us with the illusion that he’s a moderate. He basically asks readers to pretend to be less radical.

It’s been hard the last couple of weeks for the Obama campaign to spin stories made public by Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain, because recently, they’ve been using Obama’s own words against him.


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Zo Black & Right

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I thought I’d share this guy’s video. Even if you don’t agree with Zo, you’ll love his delivery. His ways of explaining things are great. Too bad for Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. He could have taken advantage of him, and brought him on the campaign trail. It would have been nice for Republicans to have someone like this on the campaign trail, instead of the old farts they dragged along all year. Oh well…

U. S. Supreme Court Building West Facade

With only a few short days to go before the November 4th presidential election, Attorney Philip Berg is appealing his “Obama eligibility” lawsuit to the U. S. Supreme Court. On Thursday, Berg filed a Writ of Certiorari and an application for an immediate injunction to stay the election. The story of the case, virtually absent from the mainstream media, is heavily detailed in Berg’s website, Obamacrimes.com.

Berg’s suit, Berg v. Obama, No. 08-cv-4083, had been dismissed in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, federal court on the grounds that, as Berg states, “According to [federal] Judge Surrick, we the people have no right to police the eligibility requirements under the U. S. Constitution.”

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