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Sunday November 2, 2008 11:03 pm

Ralph Nader’s Campaign Produces Another Bizarre Advertisement

Posted by Milo Taibi Categories: Editorials, Elections, Videos,

Everyone knows why Ralph Nader continues to run for president every four years - he believes that the American people deserve better than two legitimate candidates for the Presidency. While his views are debatable, it’s indisputable that Nader running at the conclusion of each presidential term has a damaging effect on both the Democratic and Republican candidates. In 2000, Nader attempted to inch his way into the presidential race by calling for reform for both parties, as well as claiming that George W. Bush and Al Gore had identical political views.

“Our two parties are basically one corporate party wearing two heads and different makeup,” Nader said at a 2000 rally. “There is a difference between Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but not that much.”

The year 2008 has brought a new, and vastly more peculiar approach from the Nader camp. Several odd political advertisements have been released by his campaign’s youtube channel; the latest entitled, “The Obama Nuts.” Politico.com explained the video in a post on Sunday.

  “The video, “The Obama Nuts,” debuted Sunday and chronicles an “Obama supporter,” at least according to the release, wearing a Nader T-shirt and in search of said nuts.

The video, which is heavy on use of the word “nuts,” says it is using the definition provided in Slate’s Encyclopedia Baracktannica: “a representation of Barack Obama’s courage and willingness to act.”

The video concocts a fake CNN broadcast and uses Obama’s actual voice from a speech in which he says, “We need them. We need them badly. Not just my campaign, but the American people need their service and their vision and their wisdom.”

To be honest, I have no idea what Nader is trying to achieve with this advertisement. Having watched it, I feel considerably more confused about Nader’s views on the upcoming election. It is perhaps a cheap attempt at mainstream publicity, but this isn’t the first unusual advertisement from Nader’s campaign. An earlier ad featured Nader contemplating the idea of dressing up in a Panda Bear outfit for publicity:

And another drove the point that Obama and McCain were using interchangeable lines when speaking - a particularly puzzling accusation, considering the vast political differences between the two candidates:

I’m sure there would be some comedic relief as a result of this odd campaign tactic, but this is a man who will be receiving votes from both Democrat and Republican voters. As Bill Maher said about Nader, “sometimes you can be right, and not be correct.” Nader may not be completely wrong about his stances on vital issues, but he is doing a disservice to the country by continuously running for president when he hasn’t a shot to win. Let’s hope that 2008 is the last year we see Ralph Nader’s name come up around election season.



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